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July 5, 2020
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ABDL Age Regression Potions!

Hi sweeties! Your favorite ABDL Mommy has been awfully busy lately coming up with something that we are going to have ohhh so much fun playing with! I know that sometimes my poor little adult baby sweethearts have some trouble getting into that very perfect head space in order for them to truly let go of their fears and regress to their perfect “little” age. It can be so difficult, especially for my sweeties who do not get to have their adult baby mommy around all of the time. Lucky for you, I have come up with something that will do the trick the first time, each and every time! We just take this special age regression potion that Mommy cooked up for you, and we get it poured into one of your favorite baby […]
June 28, 2020
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Missing Mommy? ABDL Phone Sex

Aww, poor little one was left all alone? How sad! I know that you are probably so scared and anxious right now thinking about all of the things that your ABDL Mommy does to take care of you every day, and wondering who on earth will do those things now that she is away. Do not worry your precious little head. ABDL Mommy Candy here to let you know that I am here for you day and night, any time that you might find yourself in need of love and care from a loving and experienced mommy like me! When that thick, stinky disposable adult baby diaper is full and sagging between your little legs, I will come and scoop you up and bring you to the changing table waiting just for you! We spend […]
June 21, 2020
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Tickles ‘Til You Cum!

It is a Mommy’s job to take care of her little ones, everyone knows that. She must set a good example for those in her care, and provide praise and discipline as they are needed to keep her adult baby sweethearts in line! One of my favorite ways to have fun playing with my little ones and making them feel so good at the same time, is with some tickles! I have nice warm hands and long fingers, the better to make them squeal and squirm with! A nice warm bubble bath catches them off guard, and it does not take long for baby to tucker himself out. Well that simply will not do! This ABDL Mommy has something silly in store for that sweetie before he is allowed to drift off to dream land. […]
June 7, 2020
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Mommy Knows About Your Diaper Fetish!

Oh how sweet! You really thought that an ABDL Mommy as dedicated as me would not notice your newest interest? You silly little thing… You might be “grown up”, but I know that you have been getting up to some very little behaviors lately, and I think that it is time for us to talk about them! For starters, I have seen you going into the closet and finding the packages of diapers that I have there. You tore into that package, stripped down, and pulled that thick disposable diaper up over your bottom. I saw you stand in front of the mirror, smiling and checking yourself out. The feel of an adult baby diaper is so nice and comforting. I immediately understand why you want to wear them, just like so many other ABDL […]
May 31, 2020
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SPH From Mommy

What exactly am I looking at here? It appears to be… but no… it could not possibly be… a penis? I have been an ABDL mommy for quite a long time and I have yet to have ever seen something quite so itty bitty little! Look at how it jumps and twitches before I ever even lay a finger on it. All it takes is for me to take my finger dangerously close to the tip of that teeny little thing, and it starts throbbing and trying to get hard. I say trying because although it is physically getting harder and swollen, it does nothing to increase or add to the size, or lack thereof. You poor baby. This is why an adult baby needs their mommy. Do you think any other woman in this […]
May 24, 2020
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Call For All Your Stress Relief!

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May 19, 2020
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A Little Tight Asshole For Lunch

I love when I grab the handcuffs that I am going to restrain my ABDL Stacey in as I stretch out my body and loosen up my muscles.  The naughty thoughts that run through my mind are never ending.  It is his heart’s desire and his sole purpose to please Dommy Mommy Scarlet.  Nothing else can possibly compare.  As I place the handcuffs on the bed for later, I undress down to my undies, walk over to the couch, grab my hat and place it on my head.  I position myself with my ass facing my ABDL Stacey as I bend over on my leather couch  for him to give me a well deserved massage.  I command him to come down on the floor in order for him to rub and caress my feet, then […]
May 17, 2020
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Playing Naughty Games In Your Diapers

You can’t deny that it feels wonderful to masturbate in your diaper, whether you are stroking your cock in your tight diaper or pulling your cock out of your diaper so you can go even faster.  Pulling and tugging and rubbing your hand down your cock till you cum in your thick adult diaper really makes you feel good!  I can promise you though, that it feels much, much better if you got a pretty, sexy Aunt to do it for you.  She could play and tease with you till you’re hard and aching and almost begging for her to go faster.  Maybe if you begged hard enough, she would even bend over and take your cock all the way to the back of her milf throat! You would shake and quiver while she licked […]
May 10, 2020

Dildo Butt Fucking My ABDL Baby Boy

It is my abdl baby boy’s birthday and I prepared a wonderful gift for him in a white box and which is wrapped in a red ribbon. He is absolutely flabbergasted when he realized that his present is an eight inch bumpy and curved clear borosilicate glass dildo with a note that read “Happy birthday to my baby boy, I can’t wait to penetrate you.” His virgin asshole has never been penetrated and today, I will enter his sacred hole.  I place a few drops of lube on my finger and unfasten the tabs of his pull-ups.  I turn him on his side in the fetal position and I tell him to lift up his leg and hold it in the air and prepare for ABDL Stacey.  I take my left hand and separate his […]