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April 18, 2018
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Abdl Sitter Sex Talk Part 1

Let me tell you all about the  adult baby I had to take care of last night.First, he wouldn’t keep his bib on and eat his baby food. I had to strap him into his high chair and force feed it to him. Holding his nose until he opened his mouth was gross because he started having a runny nose and it was all running down in his mouth with his food.Then he wouldn’t drink his bottle. Once again I had to hold the nose, and when he finally opened his mouth I popped the big baby bottle in and squeezed it. Then it was suck and swallow, or choke!He wiggled all the way through undressing him and giving him his bath. I mean really, the way he shook just because I ran my fingers […]
April 8, 2018
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Mommy Janey’s Adult Baby Diaper Assignment Video

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April 1, 2018
man punishment mommy

All Tied Up

You’ve been beyond naughty lately, and Mommy has had enough of your insolence, baby. Can you feel the cuffs tightening around your wrists and ankles as Mommy Jackie straps you down to her spanking bench? Mommy knows best, and what I have in store for you won’t be easy on you, sugar. Just to be sure your fussing doesn’t get too loud while I’m spanking you, I have a pacifier gag all ready for baby’s pouting mouth. I’m going to spank you tushie till its red hot and covered in Mommy’s hand prints, marking you as the naughty adult baby you are. Wiggling and trying to escape your bare handed spanking punishment will only make things worse for you, princess. Once I have your bottom all nice and raw, its time to put a diaper […]
April 1, 2018
Adult Diaper Wearing the messy wet dirty diaper

Playing in Messy Diapers!!

How much do you enjoy your wet and messy abdl diapers? How excited do you get in your wet and messy diapers? I would be willing to bet that you get really excited! I bet your little baby peepee starts to tingle, starts to get hard…you can’t keep your hands out of your diaper at that point! You know that it is very naughty for you to touch yourself like that, especially in those messy diapers! But you just can’t help yourself…you have to slide your hand in your diaper to touch yourself, to stroke yourself with your fingers, dragging them through your poopy mess and spreading it across your peepee. It’s so filthy, you know it shouldn’t feel so good or exciting, but it does, and you don’t know why! You stroke, and squeeze, […]
March 23, 2018
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Come Check Out My Abdl Video

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January 23, 2018
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January 1, 2018
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Janey’s Sissy Baby Part 1!

“Just what are THESE?” Janey said, holding up the mens underpants in front of her boyfriend. “These look like something you’re not supposed to have! I thought we agreed that from now on, you wear  adult diapers only under your clothes. Then why are these in your suitcase??” Brad blushed, and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He hadn’t meant to keep a pair, he had found them in the hamper after he had sent her the picture that he promised was all his underpants cut up and getting thrown out. He had washed them and tossed them in the old underwear drawer. They must have got mixed in with the several pairs of plastic pants he packed in the suitcase. “Please, Janey … I didn’t wear…” “Please WHO?” she prompted.”Please … […]
December 29, 2017

Forced Sissy Baby Phone Sex Part 1

The 2  men was always down everyone’s throat with the machoness And they treated women with disrespect they was in desperate need to be taught a Femdom Lesson. They were CONSTANTLY competing. Kyle and Kevin just couldn’t seem to stop – they competed in grades in school, in sports, in girlfriends, in jobs … it just never stopped. UNTIL they met Jennifer and Jessica – twin sisters with whom they dated and eventually settled into steady relationships. They could no longer compete about their girlfriends looks, but they continued with everything else. Jennifer and Jessica got sick of it and was planning to switch things up. BUT – their competition had actually put them in a good place. Top of the class in college, they were sure to graduate and be offered well-paying jobs almost […]
December 28, 2017
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Adult Baby And Abdl Phone Sex Part 1

This blog was written by my sweet baby boy! One sunny day in summer. Me and my  Abdl Mommy Girlfriend woke up.I was up first so I went to kitchen to have Breakfast I was wearing my t shirt and PJ pants I made myself eggs and glass of Orange Juice when my Girlfriend Jenna came downstairs she saw me at the table she got herself some coffee and toast sat down next to me we said Good morning to each other she ask me how I was doing I said ok and asked how my pants were I said fine with a smile then she got up throw away her plate came back over to me pulled the back of my pants out saw my  Adult diaper she checked said no poppy this morning […]