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February 19, 2017

Summer Fun With Abdl’s

We have some warm days coming up next week, and do you know what that means? It means that I’m going to pull out the kiddie pool, slather some sunscreen on you, tuck you into a pair of adult swimming diapers, some little inflatable wings, and let you splash around to your little adult baby heart’s content! I’ll sit near you in a lawn chair, keeping a close eye on you, make sure you’re safe just a like a good abdl mommy should do.  Of course I’ll remember to put all your favorite bath toys in there with you. Your little yellow ducky, the wind-up submarine, the inflatable penguins and dolphins, and all other kinds of toys! You’ll play and giggle, and I’ll watch and smile, as the sun beams down on us, the birds […]
February 16, 2017
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Taking Care Of My Adult Baby

Oh look who is up for the day are you ready for your Abdl Mommy to change the soaking wet adult diaper. Look how full it is I am very surprised that it didn’t leak !! Now let’s take you and put you on your changing table and slide down your pajama pants and plastic panties. I undo the tapes on your pink princess diaper and fold it down! I take a wipe and wipe your clitty nice and slow and then I take and lift your legs way up high and slide that diaper tight out from underneath your bottom and throw it ninths diaper pail. I take and unfold the new diaper and lift and slip it right under your bottom put some nice baby lotion and powder your sweet bottom! Now I […]
February 13, 2017
This Picture Portrait the birds plastic panties

Pamper Phone Sex With Ava

Pe yew what’s that smell? This mommy is about to have some diaper punishment phone sex as soon as I can find out where my naughty adult baby is hiding from me! He’s being such a little brat because I told him he wasn’t ready to wear pull ups like the big boys yet! So he ran off in his diaper and now it’s stinking up every room in the house! He doesn’t want to let me change his diaper now so were playing a little game of hide and seek! There are only so many rooms in the house and only a limited number of places an adult baby like him can hide! You can run all you want but mommy is going to find you and you’re going to get punished for being […]
February 13, 2017
A Old Man Lying Down in Bed and wearing big diaper

Special Time With Your Abdl Mommy

Lets take a walk to your Abdl nursery! I wanna give you a nice surprise for being such a well behaved  adult baby boy! We walk into your abdl nursery and I sit you up on your changing table and take and slide down your pants and plastic pants and then Undo your urine soaked adult diapers and fold it down. Then take a nice warm wipe and gently wipe your wee-wee and bend over and start licking and kissing on your wee-wee and taking my other hand and gently stroking it! You like it when mommy gets naughty with you don’t you? I love making you squirm and feel good until you make a special cummies for mommy in your wittle adult diaper! I might even let you make your special cummies on my […]
February 7, 2017
A man wearing the white panties and show them

Public Humiliation For Sissy!

What a pathetic little Sissy slut how dare you pee in your panties again I am so I am done just letting it slide. Since you can’t use the toilet like a big girl, I am going to diaper you like an adult baby! No panties ever again! I am going to tell everyone what a pissy sissy you are! Now lay down! I take you pissy panties off of you and shove them in your mouth and I want you to suck on them! You can take them out when I tell you to, Not a second before! Now we are going to you little sisters school dance! And guess what you’re going to be wearing! A nice pink dress and a beautiful pink  crown and 3 adult diapers and I want to make […]
January 11, 2017
A Sexy Teen Girl shows Off Her Tiny Boobs

Disciplined By My Abdl Daddy

  Look who is here! I come running down the stair and see my Abdl daddy Walking through the door! Daddy I missed you I colored you a pretty picture. He looks down at me and says look at your room you have toys every where after I cleaned up in here you have 30 mins to clean this room like it was when I left. Looks down Yes daddy I will, I pout and stomp my legs all the way to my Abdl nursery, all of a sudden I hear daddy pulling off his belt and marching behind me saying get over here young lady! You going to give me an attitude I will spank it out of you! he grabs me by the arm and pulls me super fast over his knee and […]
January 8, 2017
A Man Half Standing Back pose and He doing something

ABDL Diaper Exhibitionists

I was in a convenience store earlier today, and couldn’t help but notice that a gentleman walking past me had a rather round bottom. I may be mistaken, but from the shape I would say that he was definitely sporting a comfy, thick adult diaper!  I don’t know why, but that really excited me, thinking that I knew his little secret.  For all you naughty abdl’s out there that wear their diapers outside the house, what does it feel like?  Do you get a thrill out of doing something that most wouldn’t understand, and doing it in public under everyone’s noses? I bet some of you babies are some secret phone sex exhibitionists, aren’t you? I bet you like to pull your shirt up just a little too far up, then bend just a little […]
January 8, 2017
Hot Guy Edging Big Dick To Intense Shaking Orgasm While Moaning

Naughty Time With Your Abdl Mommy Part 1

I know every time I leave you stick you hand into your freshly changed Adult diaper and start playing with your pee-pee! And fantasizing what it would even be like to touch or smell mommy’s nice wet pussy! Well your abdl mommy wants to please you and make your fantasy come to life, so mommy is going to be right back I am going to go slip into something a little more comfortable, and you keep your hand out of your diaper and plastic pants until I get back! I go and grab the nicest feeling night gown with my nursing bra and matching panties and nice white stockings that go up a little past my knee and I walk back into your room and have you get out of you bed and lay you […]
January 7, 2017

ABDL Playtime Phone Sex

I’m not getting any snow where I am this year, but I do like to fantasize about it! I like to picture sitting by the fireplace with all my favorite phone sex adult babies playing around me, their toys scattered on the floor, the babies sharing and playing so well with each other.  The fire would be crackling, the babies would be cooing and giggling, the wind would be blowing outside, and I would be in my comfy chair with a hot cup of tea. We could see the snow falling outside, covering everything outside.   I would have to watch carefully, make sure none of my little abdl’s get too close to the fire, and hurt themselves!  But I wouldn’t mind that, I like watching after the little ones.  What abdl mommy doesn’t enjoy that? […]