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December 6, 2015
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Naughty Baby

I can see you have been a very naughty baby this year.  Mommy Candy does not like to give spankings, but you see I have no choice now.  I have caught you playing with your baby dick and staring at my picture on your night stand.  Is it that you find Mommy Candy so, so, sexy and irresistible that you can’t help yourself?  This is not the only time I have caught you. This is when I let it be known that I have been watching you the entire year and watching you at times you didn’t know I was watching.  I bet when Mommy Candy spanks you, it will get that little baby dick of yours ALL hard and excited.  It will be so hard that you will want to make a nice mess […]
November 11, 2015
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My Hubby

I’ve always used diapering as a punishment for my sissy bitch, but recently I decided that it would be fun if he learned to enjoy them a little as well. After so long, my little sissy associated diapers with being upset and I didn’t know if I could teach him that wetting and messing a diaper could be a lot of fun. I finally decided that wetting would be a great first step, so I pulled out my laptop and typed up a quick schedule of when and how much he should drink throughout the day, and how often he was allowed to pee while he was at work. When he got home he had to pee so bad, but as soon as he made a beeline to the toilet, I stopped him. I told him […]
October 24, 2015
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Tawny’s Diaper Surprise

When I married an older man with a college age son the last thing I expected was he would be a diaper lover. It happened one morning when he was getting ready for school. He lived in our house most of the time because we were closer to campus. He must have thought I was already gone for the day but I called in sick this particular day. I was in my bedroom when I decided to make some tea. I walked out of my room and noticed his door was ajar and I couldn’t help but look in. That is when I saw him laying on his bed, putting on a cloth diaper with powder and rubber pants. I couldn’t believe it.  I slowly backed into my bedroom and shut the door with a […]
September 30, 2015
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Getting Ready for a Gathering!

It was a big day for me, I had finally gotten up the courage to go meet other Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers at my first group gathering! I woke up this morning with a huge grin on my face; I was terribly nervous but the thought of being with others who understood my love for diapers was so exciting. I rolled out of bed and quickly realized I had wet myself in my sleep… it was time for a change. Once I had cleaned myself up and sprinkled on the baby powder, I was faced with the tough decision on which diapers to wear; I finally decided on my size seven pampers, which I wore under a cute purple onesie. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided I was ready to go, so I […]
September 6, 2015
A man disguised like a girl and wears a prettiest outfit

Punishing My Baby

Don’t you just love the naughty feeling of doing something you’re not supposed to when Mommy isn’t watching? Well, you better hope this Mommy doesn’t find out that you were playing in her clothes! If I ever caught my little boy prancing around in a dress like a Sissy, I’d be so angry with him that I would pick him up and bend him right over my knee. I’d slap his bottom with the palm of my hand, spanking him until his bottom turned bright red! After his spanking, I’d force him into a girly pink diaper and a cute pair of shoes to match the dress he had been playing in. As I pull his face towards mine and start putting some pretty pink lipstick on him, I would tell him how disappointed Mommy is that […]
August 22, 2015
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Dressing up Sissies

There is so many fun things about being an ABDL mommy 🙂 One of the best things though is dressing up little sissies. I love it when a whiney boy becomes my sissy girl. I do it for punishment and reward, laughter and lusting. Little sissies in ruffles ad lace are the sexiest adult babies. My little sissy girls love it when I dress them up and if they don’t strut just right or smile really pretty I spank their diapered ass. I have many things I spank with: my hand, spatula, paddle, or a riding crop. Which will I use on you, little sissy? Or maybe you don’t like to be spanked- maybe you would like me to help you with that bulge in your diaper. That is something no little sissy girl should have. […]
August 4, 2015
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Ava’s Diaper Bitch

I want to tell you about one of my favorite diaper lover callers. Oh lets just call him caller X. You see caller X is a big ol diaper wearing baby. When he calls me, I get to tell him just exactly what I think of a grown man like him wearing diapers. Not only diapers but little sissy girl diapers with cute little Disney princess print and fairies! Caller X is my diaper slave (even thought he wont admit it) I let him live in his delusional reality, while I impose all sorts of diaper punishment on him. Just a few weeks ago he called me, and we went shopping together while he was wearing a big bulky diaper under his shorts. I’m positive that people walking behind him could see his bubble butt […]
July 23, 2015
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Seeking ABDL to Nurture!

Hiya, babies! Mommy Barb here, hoping for a sweet ABDL to spoil and coddle. I am a mommy, and mommies need to have babies to love and take care of. I have a nursery all set up with all the toys and things that a baby could ever need! We can spend all day playing together and having a good time in the nursery. When your baby diaper needs changing, mommy will have you powdered and feeling fresh and clean again in no time! Whether you like disposable diapers, plastic pants, or cloth diapers with nice shiny diaper pins in them, you can be sure that mommy has them all ready for you when you get here! Feeling sleepy? Let me hold you while we rock you to sleep. Hungry? Let’s arrange a breastfeeding session […]
June 5, 2015

Lets play dress up !

First we will pick out a cute outfit.  I always liked short black skirts that hugged my plump bottom.  Then, I would pick out i nice blouse maybe, a pretty pink or purple one.  I also love silk blouses.  The silk feels so good on Mommy Sabrina’s soft skin.  After picking out a blouse we must find a pair of stockings to match with my outfit.  With a black skirt and a pink or purple blouse, I would probably go with a black fishnet stockings.  So, we have a cute outfit, now, what to wear underneath.  I love lace on my bra and panties.  I like when my bras are see through so that you can see my nipples.  For panties, I always wear a boy short pantie.  The way they show off my plump […]