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September 25, 2021
Adult Diaper Therapy

Some Much Needed Fun

    Are you in need of a little diaper therapy?  I just love diapers myself, and I bet you will too.  We could have a little play date and get back to the basics.  Mommy can strip us naked, lay us down and then put us in a cute snug diaper.  We can crawl around and play in the nursery and with our diapers on we don’t have to worry about anything.  Diapers are meant to be used. There’s nothing better than the feel of warm pee filling your diaper.  It feels so good when I peepee in my diapee.  Makes my whole body relax, all tension, all stress just seems to disappear with the flow of pee.  Talk about washing away the tediousness of adult life.  Ahhhhhh…. At the phoneamommy mom hotline, there […]
September 5, 2021
Adult Boy Self Masturbate Diaper Look

Aunt Brenda’s Submissive Sandy Loves Diaper Sex

My diaper lover Sandy was so sweet this week that he made sure to massage my feet and soak them in bubbly water to ease out any unnecessary tensions.  I just love it when Sandy takes care of me in the way that he knows how to do.  He is a diaper baby that loves his kinks, whether it is diaper sex, scat sex or diaper bondage.  And I love it also very much.  I recall last week when I told him to go to the store to gather the necessary items for him to cook us dinner. While he was out I gathered specific items on the bed and awaited his return.  When he returned to the house a half and hour later, I summoned him to the room and I had him disrobe […]
August 30, 2021
Adult Baby Diaper Lover Sticking Her Finger Deep Inside Her Wet Pussy

Naughty Girl Gets Naughty With Daddy!

After a hard day, I have to say that there really isn’t that much that makes me feel better as well as a nice thick diaper! Two or three, somedays, and don’t forget the plastic pants. Cloth diapers are what I like to wear most of the time, but disposable does make an appearance every now and then. Best part of that, though, is when my dominant Daddy puts me in my diapers first thing when I get home or gives me a diaper change after I’ve filled mine up. He knows just how to treat a diaper girl like me! He knows how much I love diaper changes, the attention that he gives me, the tender care that he shows me while he cleans me all up, and how well he fucks me during […]
August 2, 2021
Adult Diaper men sucking the Baby Nipple

Aunt Brenda’s Age Regressed ABDL Geoffrey Is Forced To Drink His Milk

Abdl age regression is what I know that Geoffrey needs.  There are just so many signs that he gives off that tells me that this is right up his alley.  He pretends to be an adult that has his life together, but I know better.  The part of him that he shows to me is his representative and it is not the true part of him.  I see right through the smoke screen that he displays to me when we interact and I am not going to wait any longer for him to reveal his true self to me.  I invited him over to dinner tonight and he showed up with a bouquet of roses.  I thought that they were very nice, yet – they are still a part of the smoke screen that he […]
July 12, 2021
Nude hot Men bathing in swimming pool

Antonio Gets Punished For Shitting In The Pool

Antonio my submissive called me for scat phone sex because this is what he wanted to talk about today.  He tried to beat around the bush about it and he was hesitant to talk about it initially because he was embarrassed.  He seemed to temporarily forget that I am his dommy mommy and I am the one that makes the rules and decides what he does with his body.  So, without hesitation we started to do our scat themed abdl roleplay and I had him get ready to take an enema. That was when things took a different direction in out scat roleplay phone sex and he admitted to me that he could go along and insert the enema that I insisted that he put in but he was not sure that something would come […]
June 19, 2021
This Pic shows the baby wet diaper

Mommy’s Dirty Baby

    Hmmm… It seems way too quiet.  Mommy slowly and quietly moves from room to room looking for you.  A quiet baby is usually up to no good. And mommy was right! Mommy peeks around the corner and catches you humping your poopy diaper.  Diaper opened and peepee covered in poop and soon cum by the look of your face.  Mommy clears her throat just as you look up, surprised you explode a sticky mess all over your already caca covered cock. Mommy enjoys scat phone sex just as much as you enjoying playing with your poopy diaper.  That hot squishy mess spreading all around your hard peepee, making your balls tighten and your breath quicken.  Mommy just loves hearing your little grunts and moans as you cum. Full diapers are the best, whether […]
May 28, 2021
Two boys are love to wear the baby adult diaper

Diaper Play Date

    Oohhh Mommy Candy is having a get together for all diaper fetish little ones.  There will be other adult babies, games, refreshments and lots and lots of diapers.  And of course mommy will be there to make sure everyone is behaving themselves and having a great time. Mommy will join in on all the fun and it will be a play date to remember.  The great thing about ageplay, is that mommy and her little ones can be any age desired.  From a diapered newborn to a diapered old timer.  Diapers are the theme of this play date and you can never have too many. And if a little one misbehaves or decides to act bratty, then mommy can discipline with ABDL Stacey.  And there are so many possibilities, mommy will have a […]
April 23, 2021
The Adult baby wears nappies day and night

Mommy’s Little ABDL

    Mommy has been looking at store ads and all the cute little outfits for babies has mommy feeling a bit wistful.  Mommy misses the days of shopping for diapers and baby clothes.  Mommy misses taking care of a little one’s every need.  And mommy misses the sounds of crinkling diapers and baby giggles. As mommy reminisces about the days when you were an infant, the front door opens and in you walk.  Mommy looks up at you as you smile and mommy has a fantastic idea.  Abdl age regression! That’s the answer mommy has been searching for.  Mommy can have you back as the cute little toddler running around in diapers that mommy so misses. Mommy stands up and hugs you, kissing your cheek.  Mommy takes your hand and leads you to the […]
March 5, 2021
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You Are Now Mommy’s Baby

    Since you seem to have an issue with getting to the potty in time, and mommy is getting tired of having to strip and wash everything numerous times a day… Mommy has an idea that will benefit both of us.  With a little forced age regression, mommy will be diapering you and treating you like a baby from now on. Don’t try to fight mommy on this, mommy has warned you too many times and now it’s time to pay the consequences of your behavior.  A big boy doesn’t pee himself every night, a big boy doesn’t just piss his pants because he’s too busy to use the bathroom.  Since you want to act like a baby, mommy will treat you as such. Abdl regression is perfect for a bed wetter just like […]