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February 18, 2021
Girl To showing her Big But with diaper

You Will Now Be Mommy’s Baby

    Don’t try to fight it… Mommy knows how you long to be mommy’s sweet little baby again, mommy sees the jealousy in your eyes when mommy holds other little ones.  With your “hidden” feelings mommy knows forced age regression will not be necessary. Mommy has seen you touching and playing with the baby diapers, and knows that you long to be babied again and be in mommy’s loving arms.  Abdl age regression would be the best for you and mommy knows you will will be secretly pleased to be put back into a diaper. Mommy has a surprise for her little one… Come to mommy, very good!  Mommy strips you of all your clothes even your little undies.  As you stand their embarrassed, trying to cover your privates, mommy pulls out a diaper […]
January 23, 2021
Hot Sexy Boy Putting the pant

Aunt Brenda’s ABDL Boy Toy

I have a new hot gardener as my previous one retired from the landscaping company that I used for years and he moved to another state. This new gardener showed up this morning as discussed the night before on the phone with his boss. He was on-time, bright and early and began doing the necessary work on my lawn. I watched him from my kitchen and saw him working so hard and he took off his shirt when he began to get so sweaty. The weather was brisk, yet it was not fully cold and he was still full of tiny sweaty clear droplets that just danced all the way down his young, tight and toned body.  Every time he picked up a shovel and dug into the ground his young body flexed and released […]
January 10, 2021
Man wearing the dirty urine wet diaper

Aunt Brenda Takes Care Of A Sneaky Baby (part 1)

Connor couldn’t help but feel ridiculous as he peaked out of his window as discreetly as he could, just the side of his head and one eyeball showing as he leaned over from the side… he even had the kitchen light off, so it was harder to see him! As silly as he felt, he would be even more embarrassed if anyone caught him staring at his neighbor’s laundry out on the lines.  One row was nearly full of cute panties and bras, and that really should have been what his attention was on. Brenda was a pretty woman, and he knew she was probably sexy as hell in those frilly things, but what he couldn’t look away from was the line full of cloth diapers and plastic diaper covers, all of them adult sized. […]
January 2, 2021
Naked emo boy straight and young nude sex

When littles ones get naughty

    Oh oh! Someone had a scary dream…aww poor baby. Mommy will be nice and let you crawl into bed with your little “brother”, now be a good girl and try not to wake him.  Mommy tucks you in and kisses both of your foreheads…Goodnight little ones. Mommy leaves the door ajar and the hallway night light on.  Sweet dreams sweet adult babies. Soon mommy hears whispers and covered moans coming from the room….hmmm what are these little ones up to now?  Mommy creeps down the hallway, stopping just outside the open door.  A peek inside shows mommy just what she thought! Mommy steps inside, pushing the door open more as she watches the fun.  Mmmmm someone is getting a good stretching.  Soon the muffled whimpers become louder, turning into gasps and groans of […]
January 2, 2021
Old Man Sucking the feeding bottle and sitiing on the polar bear

Brenda’s Newly “Adopted” ABDL Babies

I responded to an advertisement requesting a live in babysitter for a married couple and I arrived at the residence at the specified time.  I rang the doorbell a few times and after no response, I knocked on the door and tried the doorknob and realized that it was open. I let myself in and immediately saw that the couple who placed the advertisement were wearing diapers and sucking on a pacifier and a bottle. The wife was facing the wall in her white diaper as if she placed herself on time out and the husband was riding a toy polar bear in his blue diaper while sucking on a baby bottle.   Having had experience with adult baby diaper lovers for years, this was not a surprise for me.  I called my newly “adopted” ABDL […]
December 26, 2020
Boy wearing the baby adult wet diaper

Sexy MILF Tawny Tickles Tim

One of the things that I love to do is to tickle my diaper lover Tim when I change his soiled diapers.  He knows that when he pees at night and I wake up in the morning I will always check his diaper to see what is inside. This morning,  I decided to lay him out on his abdl crib on a diaper cover and decide to take off his soiled diapers.  I covered my nose in a playful way and told him that he is a little stinky baby. He smiled and made baby sounds when I took my fingers and proceeded to tickle him.  I told him that his bottom and penis are dirty and soaked then I took the wipes and cleaned him off.  While I cleaned him off with one hand […]
December 20, 2020
Adult Diaper Man Wearing the Pink Sissy Maid Dress

Winning That Sissy Baby Contest!!

How would you like to be in a sissy baby pageant contest? Crawling and waddling and maybe even skipping over the stage to show off your best sissy side for the judges! You have to be all dolled up, of course, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes.  Maybe a cute blonde wig with curly pigtails tied up with pink ribbons? A pink ribbon collar around your neck, with a little bell dangling in the front to tinkle as you move around; I may even tie bells around your ankles, everyone will be turning around to watch you. We have to put you in a cute pink dress, fluffy and adorable, something extra short to swish around the tops of your hips. It doesn’t need to be even close to […]
December 13, 2020
diaper boy abdl adult diaper

Diaper Boy With Wet Diaper

Cale slowly woke up at the feel of a gentle hand rubbing against his shoulder. He mumbled a bit, rubbing at his sleep-filled eyes. He finally opened when he felt the mattress tip a bit to see his Aunt Brenda sitting down next to him on the edge, her hand still resting against him. “Hello there! And how was my sweet boy’s nap, hmm? Did you have some nice dreams, dear?” He mumbled out a low yes and couldn’t hold back a giggle when she tickled his ribs a little, teasing him to speak up a bit. Cale got even quieter, though, as her hand kept sliding down his tummy, pushing the sheet down as it went. He started to squirm a bit, embarrassed because he knew that she was going to check his abdl […]
December 13, 2020
femdom stepmommy mommy phone sex abdl sissy baby domina domination submission bdsm adult baby diaper lover

Strict Femdom from Stepmommy Tawny

Too many of the pathetic excuses for “men” out there really think that they are above getting knocked down a few pegs by a spitfire femdom mistress like me… Well I am here to tell those so called “men” that they could not be more wrong… I have taken down full grown men that were twice my size and then some like it was nothing more than throwing down a 5 pound sack of potatoes. I wish I had a photo copy of the look on their faces when I sweep kicked their muscular legs right out from under them and they fell down hard right on their butts. All of these alpha males who strut around day in and day out, barking out orders to their subordinates like they own the place… It gets […]