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March 27, 2022
abdl diaper girl

Brenda’s Erotic and Creative Diaper Lover Leanna

Brenda’s Erotic and Creative Diaper Lover Leanna: My diaper lover was so creative. She was always thinking about something out of the ordinary, and it would occupy her mind morning, noon, and night. It would just be out of the blue when she would decide to write something for her abdl blog that she managed, as it allowed her to express herself in this highly creative manner. One week she would be writing abdl stories about subjects that ranged from a giantess diaper to an abdl being spanked on her tush. Leanna just loved to be so expressive, which usually gets her all horny, hot, and bothered. She knows that these types of stories would turn her on, and she would continue to write them anyway. This is usually when I would sit on my […]
March 6, 2022
abdl baby in a blue diaper next to a crib

Mommy Amanda Gives Sissy Slut Training

Mommy Amanda Gives Sissy Slut Training: Mommy Amanda has enjoyed playing with all her little sissy babies this weekend. There’s nothing mommy enjoys more than playing with her babies. It’s been so much fun to play dress up, getting my little girly sissy babies to wear pretty pink and purple diapers, cute little ruffled pants, and frilly lacy socks. They enjoyed every girly moment, and so did I. Some of my sissy babies like to plug their little buttholes to keep from making a mess in their diapers, and they go crazy over the feeling of pulling the plug out of their holes when I tell them to. They love the way it feels. They say it’s the best feeling in the world, and they want to feel it all the time. My little sissy […]
March 6, 2022
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Let Loving Mommy Amanda Take Care Of Your Needs

Let Loving Mommy Amanda Take Care Of Your Needs: Are you an adult baby who needs a mommy to be loving, caring, and empathetic to your needs? Is the ab/dl world something that floats your boat, and you know that infantilism is what makes you feel your happiest? Are you living this life in secret because of your family, your friends, and your job so no one can ever know anything about it at all and you are suffering in silence and you don’t know where to turn? Well, you don’t have to worry or wonder anymore because I am here to take care of your needs, wants, and desires. I am mommy Amanda, and what makes me a bit different is that I love to play with diaper babies, and on occasion I also […]
March 6, 2022
ABDL girl playing with her pussy

Amanda Rewards Alan With Her Succulent Juices

Amanda Rewards Alan With Her Succulent Juices: I placed Alan in diaper bondage because he needed to be reminded that that is where he belongs. It is one thing to be a diaper lover and have all of the powder, lotion, and dry pamper comfort that you need. So when I decide to have abdl roleplay, I make sure that whoever I choose to play with will have a nice lesson and I will have the time of my life. If one listens to me when I speak and follows all of my instructions down to every single detail, then that person will be handsomely rewarded. I never disclose what that reward will be in advance, but it matters how my mood is at the time to determine what reward my diaper lover will get. […]
March 6, 2022

Fun With Mommy

  Fun With Mommy: Give Mommy Candy a call and let your imagination run wild. Mommy likes it all and will do it all. Don’t be shy or afraid. Mommy will take very good care of you. And remember, Mommy likes all fetishes. Have you been curious about calling? Intrigued by fetish lifestyles? There are so many to choose from and enjoy. And nothing is off-limits or taboo. So don’t feel timid about your inner freakiness; let mommy know all about what turns you on. Mommy is a freak herself, and mommy is very curious about everything. So, give Mommy Candy a call, and we can both satisfy our curiosities. Mommy will have you drenched in cumin and begging for more. Let mommy know your secrets and use them to make you feel good. And […]
March 1, 2022
Mommy's Sexy Hot Look

Aunt Brenda ABDL Sammy Gets Penetrated In His Pampy

Aunt Brenda ABDL Sammy Gets Penetrated In His Pampy: My abdul Sammy has always been a creative little freak. No matter how much I push the envelope where he is concerned, he is always ready to jump on the bandwagon and try new things. Whether we are engaging in diaper sex, incest phone sex, bondage, humiliation, or even forced feminization or sissification, he never gives me a hard time when I want to do what I want to him. It is now evening, and I just purchased a brand new toy to put in my strap because penetrating Sammy is something that I want to do with my new toy. I told Sammy to get on all fours, which he did. He is wearing a crinkly pajama that has alphabet prints all over it. He […]
January 30, 2022
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I Am Your Sweet And Seductive Aunt Brenda

    I Am Your Sweet And Seductive Aunt Brenda: Who else can you turn to when you need someone to tell you what you need to do? I am your aunt Brenda, and I will train you on the path that you need to take. If I choose to, I will dress you up and make you look just like a sissy in your frilliest dresses and your Shirley Temple curls. I will take you with me to the park after dark and make you walk with me outside all dolled up in your diaper and Mary Jane shoes, and you will call me Auntie while I parade you around in public to teach you what you need to know. I will toy with you, tease you, and make you my good little niece, […]
January 23, 2022
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Amanda’s Creamy Cunt Is Sweetest For Her ABDL’s

Last night I was so horny that I placed my hand on my clit and felt how hard it felt through my panty and I had to rip it off. When I ripped it off, the sweet juices from my pussy dribbled down the panty’s crotch and settled  in a puddle on the back of the panty. The fact that my pussy was so creamy and wet with my own succulent juices, it was the perfect time for me to have milf sex because everyone knows that mom son sex is best. If you were to log on to a sexy website and look for what is trending at the hottest sex in the world and it none other than mommy porn. I know as a mommy what is best for my abdls and it is […]
October 17, 2021
Men With Adult Baby Diaper

Tawny’s Diaper Lover Daniel Shows Off His Diaper

Tawny’s diaper lover Daniel loves to get all diapered up because of how comfortable, soft and snug that it makes him feel. It started like this for him a few year ago when he was in High School when he used to wet his bed and it continued into his adulthood. He did not have an incontinence issue, he had a “need to feel wet heat around his penis” and pissing his diaper was what did it for him. Now, fast forward to him as an adult baby diaper lover and he has decided to play with Mommy Tawny on the phone as her son in mommy roleplay with incest phone sex. Though he loves to get all diapered up and show off his diapers, he also loves to suck on his mommy’s sweet tits. […]