Old couple having romantic time in bedroom
Todd’s Diapee Dream
November 15, 2018
Adult boy Wearing The Baby adult diaper
Abdl Sitter Janey Phone Sex Fun Part 1
November 19, 2018

Well, I knew that you were a ABDL Stacey, and I had fairly good idea what you were getting up to…it’s still a shock to walk in to see you stroking your cock in nothing but a pair of your rubber pants! They look a little slicker than usual, and I bet it has something to do with that opened jar of Vaseline on my nightstand! You are blushing bright red right now, and you should be! I caught you jacking off in a pair of Vaseline coated rubber pants, and even though you stopped as soon as you saw me, your cock is still rock hard from rubbing on the inside of them. So, go ahead and finish, go ahead and cum in them while I watch. No sense in stopping now when you put on such an embarrassing show for me! Wrap those rubber pants around your cock with your hand, jack off till you cum shouting while you shoot off a load to mix in with the Vaseline! Go on and call me for some rubber pants fetish phonesex!



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