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Stepmommy Foot Worship
November 15, 2020
Cuckold sissy is tied up and wearing lingerie
Husband Turned Into Sissy Cuckold
November 15, 2020

abdl babyWithout his permission, I kidnapped and blindfolded my neighbor Chase and made him into my adult baby. I was able to invite him over for tea which sedated him enough and it afforded me to drag him to my garage in order for me to tie him up  to the inside of my truck, then I drove him all the way from the busy city into the remote countryside.  Upon arrival, I decided to untie him and I gave him a head start to run away and try to find safety and I told him if I found him that he would be bound and tortured.  So I took out a racing gun with blanks that is used for marathon races and shot it into the air,  then I counted down from 50 all the way to zero, then it was time to go and find him in the woods where he was vulnerable, naked and afraid. He was not aware, but I had some booby traps scattered all around the area in addition to some surveillance cameras that enabled me to view the footage on my mobile device so all I had to do was review the footage in order for me to chase after Chase and implement on him some hard core.  I found him on my device hiding underneath a fallen tree and within minutes I found him, activated a booby trap that grabbed him by both legs and hung him upside down, naked while his cock stuck out from his body like a ripe banana in plain view.  I walked over to him while he was upside down and grabbed his cock with my hand and started to squeeze it.  I then took my other hand and squeezed his balls and tugged on them. I then open up a bottle of fire ants and shook it on his genitals and the ants started to bit and sting him on his private parts and the pain was so intense that he started to scream.  I told him that we were so far out that no one could hear his screams so that he could continue screaming for as long as he wanted to.  Then after his screams subsided I took out a candle and lit it then let the wax drip onto his penis and harden on his manly meat as he screamed to the top of his lungs in torturous pain and agony. Afterwards, I dropped the candle to the floor of the woods and I walked over to a tree and ripped off a switch from the branches nearby.  I then walked behind Chase and started whipping and spanking his bottom with the switch that I just had gathered together from the tree’s branches.  Over and over again I viciously spanked his ass with the switch and the more that I saw the welts form on his badly beaten red bottom the more that it excited me and enabled my bald, creamy, tight and wet MILF pussy to salivate with delicious cunt juices. After I concluded with Chase, I released him from the booby trap and he fell to the floor weak and exhausted from the tumultuous torture but surprisingly his cock was still hard, so I squatted over his cock, spread my pussy lips apart and shoved his hard cock into my hole and fucked him until he fully passed out.



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