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How Does Sissy Baby Humiliation Make You Feel?
March 4, 2020
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Incontinence Happens… Call Your Mommy!
March 7, 2020

I just had to punish a particularly naughty abdl the other day, because he decided to extra bad!  Not only did he not wear his cloth diaper and plastic pants, but he also thought it would be a lovely idea to play with his little weewee until it went off!  Well, what choice did I have but to punish him? A good abdl Mommy must not let her baby go willy nilly about, doing as they please!  He wanted to take that diaper off, so he got a bare-handed spanking to that bare bottom. He was happy to be put back in diapers after that!  He wasn’t too pleased about the chastity cage that I put his weewee in, with a lock that only I can open.  But that is what happens when you touch yourself without permission. If I can’t trust him to wait until I said he could, then the option is taken away.  Why don’t you call me so I can tell you if you need some abdl discipline?



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