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Jimmy Takes a Peek of His Stepmom Amanda!
January 1, 2023
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Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 1)
January 1, 2023

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Chris got out of bed on a typical Sunday in autumn, looking to do his regular Sunday afternoon chores. The summer holidays ended the following week, but he still lives with his aunt Brenda. Earlier that morning, just before 11 o’clock, Brenda had gone out for brunch with her close-knit circle of friends. This meant that Chris had the entire house to himself, at least for a while. He was thinking about his brunch when he suddenly remembered the pile of Brenda’s dirty laundry, which she’d paid him to wash for her. It was only five bucks, but he’d agreed to do it all the same. When he entered her bedroom, Chris quickly found the pile near the foot of the bed. He picked it up and carried it into the small laundry room adjacent to the kitchen. The stack consisted mainly of Brenda’s underwear, with many of the pants near the top of the pile bearing signs of recent usage. To Chris, the fact that his aunt had worn some of those pants as recently as the day before was enough to leave him hard just thinking about it. He picked one out, brought it inches from his nose, and sniffed. The smell was musky and sweet, so he went in again for one more whiff. “Oh, my god, Chris!” His aunt’s voice exclaimed behind him. “What the hell are you doing with my pants?” Chris whips around immediately. “Brenda,” he said, horrified. “You’re home.”
“I am Chris,” Brenda shot back, clearly irritated. “I see you’ve taken a keen interest in women’s undergarments. Why don’t you go ahead and try that on for size?” Chris swallowed the lump in his throat. “You seriously want me to wear your dirty underwear?”
“Yes, Chris,” Brenda affirmed. “Else, I’m going to call your mom right now.” Chris hesitated a little but took off his pants eventually, his hardening cock briefly making an appearance before he pulled Brenda’s pink cotton pants up over it. Of course, it didn’t hide it; it pressed obscenely against the pants. “How would you like to come to the mall dressed in women’s underwear with me, Chris?” Aunt Brenda wanted to know “Come on, Aunt B,” Chris pleaded, “Please don’t make me do that.”
“Why not? I mean, since you like women’s clothing so much, why don’t we go shopping for women’s underwear for you, Chris? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Have you tried on pants after pants while all the pretty clerks laugh and tease you?” Chris tried to think of something to say, but thinking about being exposed like that was so exciting that he had no control over it. “Did you… what is that? Did you just cum?” Brenda asked when she saw it “Jesus, is that sperm? Did you ejaculate?” Unable to lift his gaze from embarrassment, Chris simply nodded. “I’m sorry.” But then Aunt Brenda started to giggle, and she was laughing almost hysterically. “What’s funny?” Chris asked, finally looking up. “You, especially when you make that face like that.” You are too ridiculous with this getup, and I can hardly stay mad!”

Aunt Brenda


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