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March 13, 2022
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Close Your Eyes: Close your eyes, little one, and listen to the sound of mommy’s voice. Through ABD hypnosis, mommy will help you become the little diaper baby you really are. Just keep listening to the tone of mommy’s voice and the repetition of the words she says. Mommy will take you into another realm of reality with just her mouth.

Lay back and let your body relax; slow your breathing; and focus on mommy’s voice. Let mommy’s words flow over you like a soothing waterfall. As you drift into a deeper consciousness, mommy whispers to you, telling you how much she loves her little diaper baby and how happy it makes her to hold you in her arms as she cradles and rocks you.

How you are mommy’s good little one! That mommy will take very good care of her sweet baby. As mommy continues speaking to you, mommy’s voice lowers into a barely audible whisper. You slowly open your eyes and smile at mommy dreamily, as if you had just awakened.

Mommy smiles back, and you reach for her. Mommy leans down and picks you up, gently cooing into your ear. Mommy has a feeling that you are now her sweet little diaper baby. And just as mommy thinks that, she feels a warm wetness spread across her side and front.

Someone just made a peepee. Mommy chuckles and carries you to the nursery. Mommy lays you down on the changing table and begins to strip you of all your clothes. Once the baby is naked, mommy takes the baby wipes and starts cleaning that pissy mess off of you.

Now it’s time to get you properly dressed. Mommy takes a diaper out and lifts your feet into the air. After mommy slides that soft diaper under your bottom, she sprinkles you with baby powder, gently rubbing it in. Leaving you feeling soft and silky and smelling like a baby.

As you gurgle and drool, mommy closes up your diaper and fastens the tabs. Making sure baby’s diaper is nice and snug before sliding a cute little onesie down your arms and over your head to fasten the snaps over the crotch of your diaper Look how cute you are!

Mommy tickles your belly and listens to the music of your giggle. Mommy knew you would make the perfect diaper baby; you just had to relax and let your inner baby out. Mommy tickles you one more time before picking you up and carrying you to the rocking chair in the corner.

Mommy sits down and nestles you against her body. Your head pressed against mommy’s ample bosom. Time for baby’s dinner Mommy pulls her nightie down and rubs her hard nipple against your adorable little mouth. You open your mouth and start sucking. Mommy’s sweet, warm milk squirts into your mouth as you nurse from mommy’s heavy breasts.

Would you like to be one of mommy’s adult babies? Be diapered, cuddled, and nursed by mommy? Come visit mommy in the abdl chat room and tell mommy what you would like to experience in a private session with Abdl Mommy Candy. Click Here

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