Mommy's Sexy Girl Sitting with Diaper Look
ABDL Diaper Girl Stacey
November 20, 2021
Adult Baby Diaper Lover
Vicky’s Little ABDL Girl Nia Wants To Curl Up Under Her Breasts
November 21, 2021

It really is important that you find time to play, as the expression says all work and no play leaves you Too many times babies are so intense when they speak to me and they are also nervous.  It is them checking to see what funny thing I can do for them. They all want, desire and need me Mommy Vicky. I love to play in the snow when it snows and we can have an innocent snow ball fight.  In the house we can have a friendly pillow fight.  And after you get all sweaty and feel uncomfortable with your own sweat, that is when I will take you to the bathtub and wash all of you in a the softest, most romantic way. I will lather you up with tons of Mr. Bubbles Bubble Bath and you will love the way that your skin feels.  After I will dry you off, diaper you and we will resume playing as this is what makes the world a beautiful place – it is you, because you are in it.



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