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March 17, 2008
Get out your Easter bonnets!
March 18, 2008

  We all come across this type of thing in this fetish.  There comes a time when we decide to tell someone, whether it be a gf/bf wife/husband, family or a friend that we enjoy either being a sissy, or enjoy wearing a diaper.  This is hard to do.  Those who are into this fetish are not looked upon kindly for the most part.  Which is a shame.  I received a call last week from a very dear and sweet little abie.  They had decided to tell their gf about their inner need to be an abie sometimes.  The news was not taken well.  This breaks my heart when I hear such stories.  I wish I could put bill boards up, flyers, pamphlets, or other means of mass communication to let the world know that there is nothing wrong with any of us.  We do no harm to anyone, we do no harm to ourselves, but the world can be a very cruel place, and sometimes acceptance for one’s beliefs or little quirks are not tolerated in the least.  To my very special caller I would like to say, you are fine the way you are, there isn’t anything wrong with you, you are not ‘sick and wrong’, you are a precious human being and you should never ever let anyone make you feel any different.  Hugs to you sweet heart.  To the rest of you, I offer the same advice, you are fine the way you are, and if anyone ever gives you any attitude about how you choose to live your lifestyle, you send them to me.  I’ll be more then happy to set them straight!

Mommy Stella

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