January 3, 2009
A nice Little Chat
January 21, 2009

Poor mommy Ava has been so sick the last 3 weeks but finally this week I am feeling much better. While I was sick I had so many people cheering me up and my mommy came over to make me chicken soup. I started to think of all my babies who will get a cold this season and don’t have anyone to come over to make them soup. I want all of you to take good care of yourself so you don’t get sick….if your laying in bed with a thermometer in your mouth as you read this…then I’m too late but here are some things you can do to feel better!
Drink plenty of fluids.
Get plenty of rest.
Use a humidifier — an electric device that puts water into the air.
A cough and cold medicine you buy without a prescription may help.

Choose the Right Medicines For Your Symptoms

If you want to unclog a stuffy nose, choose a medicine with a Nasal decongestant
If you want to quiet a cough, choose a medicine with a Cough suppressant
If you want to loosen mucus so you can cough it up, choose a medicine with an Expectorant
If you want to stop runny nose and sneezing, choose an Antihistamine
If you want to ease fever, headaches, minor aches and pains, choose a pain reliever (analgesic)

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