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Winning That Sissy Baby Contest!!
December 20, 2020
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Aunt Brenda’s ABDL’s Talented Tongue
December 25, 2020


Ever since i started this ABDL Stacey i really truly take advantage of it, i make my sissy wear his diapers all the time now and also make him dressup in little baby clothes all the time. And i mean wear them every where to the park out shopping and all. Im pretty sure he feels very humiliated but i love it just the feeling of the humilation i give him really makes me wet. And even sometimes i humiliate him by bringing a true man in the house to show him what his cock is suppose to look like and what it is really suppose to do to a women if he truly had one…

I definitely love it when i do diaper cuckold with my sissy, i invite a ex over that has a huge cock to fuck me right in front of my little clitty sissy, he always has a diaper on as his little clitty hangs out i humiliate him on how small his little clitty is as a real man is fucking me.. I always remind him that his little clitty could never do nothing for me and thats why i have to fuck off with another man that actually has something that can satisfy me. I love the way i get fuck so good and he is over there playing with his little clitty, and as i am getting loads of wet hot creamy cum in my pussy he is over there give premature cummies in his diaper lol. If you cant give me something to satisfy me you shoild always wear a diaper for thats where you deserve to be your still mommies little boy you have not fully grown yet. And until you fully grow you will forever be in a diaper where that little clitty should be.

The best part about the whole thing is how me and my friends gather round the living room as he walks round naked just giving him lots of ABDL Stacey for the fact his clitty is so little i is as big as my pinky, its really funny how we make him wiggly it around and how it just moves like a little gummy worm is so hilarious. It even feels like a little gummy worm when we touch on it… And when he does have a little erection it really doesn’t get that much bigger its basically still the same size just a little harder then normal. The way he cums after we all play with his little gummy is so adorable for its not really a huge load its just one or two little droplets in his diaper…. So we call it premature cummies lol. We all try to humiliate him as much as possible for he is the one who loves it as much as we do. Just to sit there and watch him get a little erection on it makes mommie so wet and ready to fuck a real man.


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