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Amanda Wants Her Asshole And Pussy Licked
July 24, 2022
Time For Some Diaper Fun
July 31, 2022



Cum All Over My Diaper: Mmmmm, I just love teasing the boys and making them squirt their urine all over me and my diapers. Rubbing our diapers together, getting your cock ice and hard. Your balls are filled with thick, creamy cum for me. My puss soaked in my diaper.

Your cock is so big and hard, your diaper can’t contain it. You pull your cock out, and I lick the tip. Then I start sliding my tongue up and down the length of the shaft. I can feel it throb and twitch with each swipe of my tongue. I smile as I hear you let out a low moan, then I wrap my lips around just the head of your dick and start sucking like it’s my pacifier.

Sucking hard, making your hips buck as you try to push more inside my mouth. I pull my mouth off your cock and hear you groan as I lick your balls. They are so heavy with cum and tighten slightly as I flick my tongue over your sensitive sack.

I just love making you whimper with desire. Your cock is dripping constantly now, and cum is dribbling down to your balls. I rub my pretty little face all over your wet dick and balls, making my face glisten with your sticky goo.

Then I beckon you to lean towards me, and I kiss you deeply, causing your already hard chest to thicken more. I giggle as you try to push your body against me, your cock getting closer and closer to exploding. I take your hand and close it around your thick dick.

Making you slide your hand up and down, stroking your cock with you. Making you gasp as you get closer to cumming. I remove my hand and tell you to keep stroking. I just love making all the boys cum for me. I lay back, spreading my legs and revealing my diaper to you.

I want you to blow your load all over my pillow. I want to feel your hot cum splash against my thighs and diaper. I want the outside of my diaper to drip with your creamy mess as I squirt inside my diaper. I want to be drenched in jizz.

Keep rubbing that dick until your balls tighten and you shoot your cummies all over my diaper. I want to hear you groan as you lose all control and your cockiness goes off like a fire hose. Spray me with your sticky yumminess. Bathe me in your sperm.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a nice, long bath. The warm stickiness feels so good that I just love to lay back and enjoy it. Teasing cock after cock, feeling load after load My diaper and I both enjoy a good soaking. Don’t hold back; let it all come flowing out.

Empty those full balls for me. Drain your main vein and make my pussycat squirt with excitement. Call me anytime to empty those cumin-filled balls. Drench me with your seed. Click Here

Baby Stacey


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