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July 17, 2022
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Brenda Has An ABDL With A Fetish
July 17, 2022


Cum For Me!: Be a good little boy and sit on this. Don’t ask questions; just strip off your clothes from the waist down and sit on this butt plug. Spread your cheeks and squat over them; now slowly lower yourself down. Once you feel the tip touch your little puckered hole, stop for a second.

That’s a good boy. Now slowly push down on the plug, taking it inside you. Stretch that little butthole and sit all the way down. Look how your tiny cock gets so hard! As you sit on that, I want you to start tugging and pulling on your little peepee.

Make it throb and drip, then stroke your hard dick with it.Rub it faster, squeezing it in your fist. Milk that cock for me. I want you to squirt sticky chow in your hand and then lick it all up. Ride that toy; grind down on it. Rock back and forth as you continue pulling on your peepee.

Oh yes, moan like a little whore. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Getting your hole filled and stretched as you jerk off for me. Those balls full of cum are just waiting to explode. Nothing is taboo when it comes to me. I am Abdl Stacey, but I am also a very naughty, fetish-loving diaper girl.

As I watch you do as I tell you, my little pussycat gets wetter and wetter in my diaper. Luckily, I have on a diaper to catch all my juices as they gush from my excited chin. Just as your hand is going to catch all yours. Then your cute mouth will get to lick it up and swallow it.

Roleplay phone sex can be so much fun, especially with me. I love it all, and I especially enjoy making you cum. There’s nothing better than hearing you grunt as you explode. And knowing that I made you do that, The desire to call me again and again will envelop you and make you mine.

You will crave my voice and my attention. You will be hooked, and the urge to call will be so great that you will have no choice but to pick up that phone and call me. And there are so many fetishes available that we will never be bored.

So, if you need a good milking or you just want to get freaky and kinky, then call me anytime to play. I am ready to get naughty at any moment, night or day. And I love getting down and dirty.  Let’s get dirty together.

Phoneamommy makes it all possible. Anything you can think of, dream of, or fantasize about can all come true with just a single phone call. Show me how nasty you can get, and let’s make a big, sticky, creamy mess. And have such fun while doing it.

No more excuses; call now and let’s get this naughty sex party started. Let’s get naked, and let’s get wild. And let’s do it now! Click Here

ABDL Stacey


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