When Baby Needs To Play
September 25, 2022
A Little Diaper Fun
October 2, 2022




Cum Play with Me: My little pussy needs to be touched and played with so badly. I just can’t seem to satisfy it enough with my fingers alone. I need daddy to come fuck me; please, daddy, please. I want to be daddy’s good little diaper girl.

When I’m sitting and playing in my abdl nursery, I get the naughty urges to touch myself. It feels so good, but it would feel so much better if Daddy was the one touching me. I love when he uses his big, hard dick to penetrate me. I love it in my mouth, my pussycat, and my tight little ass.

I love to get on my knees and sucke and lick my daddy’s cock. The taste and smell make my puss even wetter. I slobber and drool all over daddy’s dick, making it just as wet as my dripping pussy. The wetter the better, that’s for sure. I love when Daddy fucks my face and makes me choke and gag on his thick cock.

With my eyes watering, my nose running, and spit dripping down my chin, Daddy pulls his dick from my mouth and tells me to lay back. I do as I’m told because I want to be a good girl for my dad. Once I lay back, Daddy tells me to pull my diaper over and play with my pussycat.

He wants to see and hear how wet I am for him.  My pussy is soaked and getting wetter by the minute. I squirm under daddy’s stare and start to whimper. Daddy reaches down and flicks my swollen little belly, causing me to gasp and moan loudly.

Daddy pulls my fingers from my cunt and lowers to his knees between my spread legs. He grasps his still hard dick and slaps it against my wet, pussy lips. I bite back a groan; he smirks at me and then slams balls deep inside my sensitive pussy.

Making me yelp and cum all at the same time. Daddy fucks me so hard that I lose control.Pussy juice flies everywhere, and the squelches from daddy’s dick sliding in and out of my saturated pussy can be heard throughout the nursery and house.

Not to mention all my moaning and screaming when orgasm after orgasm hits me. I thrashed from side to side, wrapping my legs around Daddy, trying to pull him closer and deeper. I beg daddy to never stop fucking me!

I need Daddy deep inside me; I need to feel Daddy stretching me; I need to be filled with Daddy’s hot stick cum. I love the feel of daddy’s cum slowly seeping from my well-fucked holes. Daddy knows how to make me a cocky, hungry little cum slut.

I would love to be a cum slut for you; I would love to squirt all over your face and cock, and I would definitely love to milk you dry of all your sticky, creamy cum. Just phone Mommy and ask for Baby Abdl Stacey, and I’ll be your good little cock whore. Click Here

Abdl Stacey


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