Nite Nite
August 18, 2009
September 9, 2013

well i know how much abies love me but i never really thought about the way the “daddies” love me too!? i mean that always are soo, thanks for doing this for me, thanks for watching him for me, do you need a ride home…the nicest was IT LATE WHY DONT YOU STAY THE NIGHT…thats where it all began! I figured i needed to call my parents first but he took care of that too..what a nice man! So i told him “well if they said i could, well i guess i can.” lol…his little boy was already alseep and i was getting close to going to bed myself when i thought i would go take a shower first, cause he gave me towels and everything and showed me where everything as so i figured. why not its been a long day? so i go into the bathroom and shut the door behind me so i thought. i got undressed and felt a little breeeze. when i turned around i noticed it wasnt shut all the way but it was ok no one was awake anyways (so i thought)…i took a shower and when i got down i went to go get dressed and noticed my clothes were gone?!!In a panic all i could do is put a towel on and go look for them..when i walked out of the bathroom i seen that the “dads” door was open and i could see a little light i walked over to go and knock but when i did it came open. And to my surprise there were my clothes making a trail to the side of the bed? i wondered why they were there, so i started picking them up piece by piece till i got to the last one. when i looked up there sat the “dad” in a diaper and a paci? what was he doing…?? i bet you can guess…he then asked me if i could show him what i do while “working” lol i was shocked at first but of coiurse it came natural…i was treating him just like a baby…but when i went to go change him there was EXTRA stuff he wanted done..oh yes that extra stuff …lol…when we were done he made sure to tell me i was the best babysitter ever…and he would love for me to babysit again with him …if you wanna be played with you can! just pick up the phone and ask for samantha …the best babysitter EVER!!



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