The Beautiful Diaper Girl
Diaper Girl Stacey
December 18, 2021
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December 19, 2021




My favorite pastime is daddy daughter sex.  I get so worked up thinking about the fun I’ll have when daddy finally gets home.  By the time daddy comes through the door, my diaper and my pussy are soaked in anticipation.  I can hardly wait for my special time with daddy.  Daddy loves to fuck me in my diaper,

Daddy tells me all the time that he looks forward all day to fucking his little diaper girl.  As soon as daddy walks in, I can see how excited he is right away.  My mouth starts watering as my pussy gets wetter at the thought of daddy’s big throbbing cock.  Once the door closes behind daddy, I crawl over on my hands and knees, diapered butt in the air.

As soon as I get to daddy, I reach up and undo his pants.  I slide my hand inside and grab his hard cock.  I lick my lips as I pull his dick from his pants.  I kiss the tip as I look up into daddy’s eyes.  When I see the look of hunger and passion in his eyes, I slide my tongue from between my lips and slowly lick the tip.

When I hear the exhalation of his breath, I open my mouth and place my lips around the head of daddy’s cock.  I swirl my tongue around the tip and dip my tongue into daddy’s dripping slit.  I just love the taste of daddy.  Soon I start sucking, taking more of daddy’s cock into my mouth.  Daddy slides his hands into my hair, holding my head as he thrusts his hips.

I gag slightly as daddy starts fucking my throat.  Daddy loves making me choke on his dick.  Daddy starts face fucking me hard and fast.  Spit and drool dripping down my chin, getting daddy’s dick nice and wet.  Soon daddy pulls his cock from my mouth and pushes me onto my back.  He spreads my legs and slides his body between my thighs.

Daddy slaps his engorged cock against my very aroused pussy, causing me to gasp.  Daddy sex is my favorite!  I wiggle my hips, trying to get daddy closer.  With a hard thrust daddy penetrates my eager pussy.  Soon daddy is balls deep in me and starts fucking me hard and deep.  Fucking me faster as he leans down and kisses me deeply.

As daddy’s tongue pushes into my mouth, I start squirting all over his throbbing cock.  My legs wrapping around daddy’s waist and back, I lift my hips, taking daddy deeper.  Daddy starts pounding my pussy harder and harder.  As daddy gets closer to climax, I feel his cock swell inside me just as he explodes deep in my sensitive pussy. With a grunt daddy fills me full of his cum and slumps against my trembling body.

I would love for you to be my daddy.  For some fun role play give me a call anytime, so we can play and have all sorts of fun.

Diaper Girl Stacey


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