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January 1, 2023
Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 2)
January 1, 2023
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Daddy Uses His Dick for Discipline! (Part 1)

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Richard was finishing his second cup of coffee in front of the morning news when his 27-year-old daughter, Amanda, came down the stairs wearing a black tube top and her diapers from the night before. She was barefoot, her strides provocative. Once she emerged into the expansive living room, Richard downed the dregs of his mug to mask his disappointment. He’d been hoping to slip out before she would wake. “Daddy?” Amanda called, her voice hoarse from sleep. “Yes, honey,” he answered, setting the mug down. “I pooped myself. You’re going to have to clean me up.”

“Jesus, again?”

“Yes.  “It’s probably the leftover pizza you let me eat at 3 o’clock last night, so I guess it’s partly your fault.”

“I’m sorry, honey, but you’ll have to take care of this yourself. You caught me on my way to work—” His phone started ringing before Richard could finish talking. Yet before he could pick it up, Amanda had already snatched it from the small coffee table and disconnected the incoming call. “What the hell are you doing, Amanda?” Richard snapped, clearly irritated. “That was a business call, and you know better than to act like that.” “Yeah? Maybe they’ll understand you’re busy and can’t come in early today.”

“You think that was funny?”

“Do you see me laughing?” Amanda shot back while whining in a high-pitched, lilting soprano voice, “Daddy, please come wipe my bum,” she cried, “D’you have to make me beg you?” Richard stood to his feet. “All right,” he said, his fury skittering just below the surface. “All right, Amy, I’ll clean your bum.” He took a firm grasp on her wrist and pulled her into the dainty nursery at the back of the living room. Richard ground his teeth and pulled out several baby wipes and a fresh pair of diapers from the dispenser in the nursery caddy. “Are you mad at me, Daddy?” Amanda wanted to know. “Are you going to punish me and spank my bum again because I ended your all-too-important phone call? I’ve been a bad girl, Daddy; maybe you should spank my bum after all.” Amanda smirked at Daddy.

“Oh, you’ll get what’s coming,” he said before setting her down on her changing table on the small nursery bed. She fell on her back with a muffled thud, giggling all the while. “Raise your legs,” he told her, and she obeyed without hesitation. Once he took the soiled diaper, Richard used the baby wipes to clean the residual poop lodged in Amanda’s anus and between her supple asscheeks. He dumped everything in the trash nearby before his middle finger would return to force its way into the tight passage of her rectum. “Nngh…” Amanda moaned lowly and harshly.

“Daddy, you’re not supposed to do that.” “I know, honey,” answered Richard. “But seeing as I was the one who cleaned your bum this morning, I get to use it the way I like.” Amanda didn’t argue any further with her father until he was finger-fucking her with wanton fervency, his other hand coming to knead her swollen labia before spreading her open. He toyed with her hood until her clitus swelled, then he teased the sensitive bead with surprising gentleness until Amanda was soaking wet and rocking her hips, even with two of Daddy’s fingers in her bottom.

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