Call Your Mommy Now
October 12, 2020
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A Little Encouragement To Have Some Accidents
October 13, 2020

abdl boyDommy Mommy Scarlet has a new adult baby diaper lover named Devan, who just happens to be both an introvert and a virgin! Coming from a very strict and religious background, he could not wait to escape to a big city to finally live out his life the way that he always imagined. After connecting with me, he decided that it was time to take his life in the direction that will lead to his ultimate happiness. He is a natural submissive but he will need direction, mentoring and training. Today, he will learn the art of obedience. All questions posed to him will be followed by a yes ma’am or no ma’am and at times yes mommy or yes mistress. A safe word will be established in the event that he feels his health threatened or is experiencing any kind of anxiety or chest pains or the like. Trust, is the first lesson. I carefully blindfold him after undressing him fully and he has to remain on his knees patiently and he is not allowed to ask what will transpire next. After he has been blindfolded, I take a feather and glide it over various parts of his body, to include his chest, his nipples, his stomach, his arm, his back, then his penis and his balls.  I then take out a disposable razor with lather and shave his balls.  He remained still for the entire process and everyone his dick throbbed when touched, it was spanked ever so slightly with a wooden ruler. His body, his mind, his soul, must submit to me. I lube up my finger, while he remained on his knees blindfolded then I spread his anal cheeks apart then insert my finger very slowly onto his asshole. He immediately tensed up and his body started to shake and tremble, I whisper to him, “breathe, relax, take it and control your mind so you can control your body… it is only my finger… take it in and tolerate it.” He nodded, breathed in and out slowly, then said, “yes Dommy Mommy Scarlet.” Then I told him that his balls and cock will be trained to remain dormant until further notice, so I took a ribbon from my hair and tied up his cock and balls very tightly together. He flinched and I reminded him about control and he calmed himself down while the process continued. I then took off his blindfold so he could look at my beautiful toned and naked body with a 10 inch pink strap on attached and his eyes opened wide when I said to him, “today you will be deflowered by me.” I then commanded him to bend over the bed on all fours and I gently inserted my artificial penis into his virgin asshole repeatedly for a half an hour until his asshole loosened. Slow grunts and moans could be heard by passerby’s from the slightly cracked window where his cries of pain mixed in with pleasure were left unanswered by others but were answered by me… his, his milf, his mommy. I then ripped off the ribbon, grabbed his sore cock and balls, clenched my fist and aggressively jerked him off while I fucked him in the ass. “I command you to cum… now!” And without hesitation he shot the thickest and creaminess white load of man juice that I ever saw all over the bed and then he passed out with the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face.



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