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Cale slowly woke up at the feel of a gentle hand rubbing against his shoulder. He mumbled a bit, rubbing at his sleep-filled eyes. He finally opened when he felt the mattress tip a bit to see his Aunt Brenda sitting down next to him on the edge, her hand still resting against him. “Hello there! And how was my sweet boy’s nap, hmm? Did you have some nice dreams, dear?” He mumbled out a low yes and couldn’t hold back a giggle when she tickled his ribs a little, teasing him to speak up a bit. Cale got even quieter, though, as her hand kept sliding down his tummy, pushing the sheet down as it went. He started to squirm a bit, embarrassed because he knew that she was going to check his abdl diaper, just as he knew that his diaper was soaking wet. He wasn’t paying a lot of attention to it before, but now he could feel how thick it was between his thighs, how warm it was, so he must have just had another accident before he woke up!

He kind of batted his hands at Aunt Brenda’s, but it didn’t do any good. Once her hand was cupping the crotch of his diaper, she made a small tutting noise and pulled the sheet out of the way, his diaper now in full view. “I knew your diaper was going to be changing colors from how warm and swollen it was! You must have snuck a few extra glasses of water before I tucked you in, because one more accident and I’m sure you would have leaked!” She pressed her hand against the diaper a little bit harder. “And… it feels like you have another mess to make, Cale. Do you have a sticky mess to make, hmm? Seems like you are being a little naughty, getting so excited that your little cock gets hard!” She pressed her hand against him even more and started sliding it up and down against his diaper, causing the inside of it to rub his cock in a really nice way. Even though he fussed and whined, telling her to stop, that she needed to stop, he still rocked his hips, pressing himself into the palm of her hand.

Aunt Brenda laughed and cooed at him, told him what a good diaper boy he was for her, how she going to take care of him, make him feel so good, then change his sticky diaper for him. She would clean him up and get him ready to go play with his friends. All he had to do was let go, make another mess in his diaper for auntie… she leaned down enough that her breasts pressed into his diaper and the extra bit of pressure was all he needed. His hips started jerking and he couldn’t do anything to hold back all the dirty moans that he made. It just felt so good! Wouldn’t it feel good for you too? Call me for some diaper play phone sex to let me know.

Aunt Brenda


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