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February 5, 2022
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February 12, 2022




I just love diaper therapy, now that we have started, I can’t get enough.  I love to wear and use my diapers 24/7 now.  And I just love when mommy changes me and cleans me all up before putting a fresh new diaper on my cute little bottom.  And like a good baby girl, I use my diapers for all my potty messes and sometimes my sticky messes too.

There’s nothing better than a little abdl roleplay, especially after a long boring day.  As soon as mommy and daddy get home from work, I’m ready and eager to be their sweet little diaper girl.  I just love the attention and can’t get enough.  And they just love their little adult baby.

My favorite though, is when daddy and I have our special playtime.  Abdl bdsm is perfect for me and daddy.  Daddy gets me prepared for a good fucking.  He knows exactly what I need and knows how to make me squirt over and over in my diaper or even better all over his big hard cock.

When I’m tied up and at his mercy, my pussy just keeps gushing.  I love playing with daddy.  I can’t get enough of our special fun.  I just love being his baby girl.  And I always make sure to take care of daddy’s needs also.  I am daddy’s little slut and I love choking on his big dick as he fucks my face.  I whimper and beg for more even as he’s balls deep.

I try to be the best diaper girl adult baby for my mommy and daddy.  And sometimes when I misbehave and get caught being a bad girl, I get bent over the nearest lap and get my little butt blistered.  Over the diaper first, then as I wiggle and squirm, that diaper gets pulled down and I get my bottom turned bright pink.  Good thing I like pink *giggles*.

There isn’t anything mommy and daddy do that I don’t enjoy.  I like it all and they know it.  They like to relieve their stress by using me.  And I am always ready and willing to be used.  Over and over again.  I look forward to our special time all day and all night. My diaper is usually soaked with my pussy juices by the time they get home to play with me.

That’s one thing they never have to worry about… I am always ready to be their good little girl.  And even more so, their naughty little diaper baby.  And when they invite friends over to play with us, my pussy drips non-stop with excitement.  I love it all and they know it.

Do you want to come play with me?  Or join in our little sex party?  I like all fetishes, and nothing is off limits when it comes to me.  So, call now and let your wild side out to play with me, Baby Stacey.  Make me your good little girl! Please!!

Baby Stacey


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