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Waking Up With Abdl Mommy Janey Video!
October 6, 2018
Hot Teen Wearing The Diaper and Teddy Near on Him
Young Man Forced To Wear Diapers
October 12, 2018

Jeff laid in his new crib and cried like the little baby Tawny said he was now. If any of his friends saw him now that would say that he was a baby! He was in nothing but a short pink Hello Kitty shirt, two thick abdl diapers between his thighs and he had a ABDL Stacey strapped around his head, the pacifier muffling his sobs. Worst of all was the sissy chastity cage that was locked around his cock. He’d never had a stepmom fetish but when he was on the bed with Tawny jacking him off he felt he was going to come hard enough to rupture something! Then she stopped and proceeded to stuff his hard-on in the chastity cage and told him that it was going to stay on until she said otherwise. She could keep him like this, her submissive abdl boy for as long as she wanted to! Click ABDL Stacey to read the first part and call for your submissive abdl phonesex.



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