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Some Sissies Need Chastity!
September 2, 2019
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Sissy Caught And Embarrassed!
September 6, 2019
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What’s better for some adult babies than the feel of a soaked, wet diaper between their thighs. It’s squishy when they walk, so swollen that it stretches out the plastic on disposable diapers and sags cloth diapers even with crinkly plastic pants on. I know some that love their diapers like that the most because it’s a huge turn-on for them, guaranteed to get their peepees hard the more they wiggle in those wet diapers.  For others it just makes them feel littler, more like a baby, which is exactly what they want! Depending on the type or brand of diaper they might have on it could take multiple accidents to get the diaper as wet as they might like, but most of the time that’s more than half the fun. Every accident leaves the abdl diaper warm, a little bit wetter, and a little bit heavier. That feels good in all sorts of ways! Ready to tell me how you like your diapers? Call me for diaper fetish phone sex.



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