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August 9, 2020
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August 10, 2020


Bdsm Punishment

On your knees, my little bitch…as you watch but don’t you dare touch as ABDL Stacey Scarlet parades around the room in my crotchless satin panties.  I will lift a smooth shaven leg and squat over your pathetic and submissive face as you take a sniff of my perfect pussy, it is paradise. As my pussy is so very wet and so very sweet, a droplet of my womanly essence fell directly on the top of your upper lip. Your body begins to quiver as you know the taste and it is so sweet but you are not allowed to savor my deliciousness… at least not for now.  I then bend over directly in front of your face and my crotchless panty instantly separates. I direct you to move closer to my tight and toned ass and take a sniff and you inhale with all of your might. You know if an accidental touch of your lip slightly brushes against my ass that you will be thoroughly punished. At that very moment, you accidentally lose your balance and your face fell directly on my left ass cheek. You begin to tremble as you know that was considered unlawful touching as you did not have permission. I said nothing, as I did not have to, but I gently rose up from my position and walked over directly to the dresser drawer and I gently glided my hand over a variety of choices of what to discipline you with. I moved from various items in order to make my decision of what you will be disciplined with. I look at my collection of paddles, flogs, chains, belts, rulers, extension cords, batons, sandals, ropes and I fixated my eyes on my leather cat’o’nine tails. This will be the one that I will use to discipline my male submissive with. I slowly take my time to walk behind you and as you remained stoic and dare not move again, before you could even blink, I administer the first lash. You inhale but did not move and you remained silent. Surely you know that there is another lash on the way. And before you waited to long, I applied another lash to your bottom. You yelped in pain as this lash was much harder than the last. I tell you to thank me and to beg for more and timidly you do. I lash your bottom for twenty minutes more and I see your bottom decorated with the imprint of the cat’o’nine tails. Your bottom is now severely swollen, blistered, sore and so very red from bdsm discipline. I see the tears well up in your eyes like a puddle and now I chose to blindfold you. I remove the crotchless panty with one hand and I wrap it around your head, covering your eyes. I then take my pointy finger and stick it deep inside of your tight asshole then I stick it in your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat until my finger could feel your tonsils. You feel like gagging and you tried to hold it but you could not, then you vomited all over my finger and I make you clean all of it off with your tongue. In addition to you licking some vomit off of the floor that fell.  I inform you that you new name is now vomit boy and you nodded. You are broken, downtrodden, weak, helpless and unworthy of any pleasure as you don’t deserve any of it. Being in my presence is not a right, it’s a privilege so you will tolerate however I decide to treat you. Now, I place a leather collar around your neck, affixed by a chain and  I then sit with my bare pussy on your back as I instruct you to carry me around the house as my personal human horse. I ride you up and down the stairs, on the carpet and the tiles all the while sipping on a glass of red wine. Don’t you dare make me spill my drink, I say to you and you comply. I am Dommy Mommy Scarlet, I own you sweetheart and you are and will always be my bitch. Don’t you fucking forget it, because if you ever do, trust and believe… I will certainly make you regret it.



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