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Aunt Brenda’s Diaper Sissy Training Starts! (part 2)
May 16, 2021
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May 17, 2021
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Don’t Be Afraid Of ABDL Hypnosis With Step Mommy Tawny

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Don’t be afraid of abdl hypnosis is what I told my sexy step son prior to me devouring him to do with him as I please. He discovered that I could help him break loose of his sexual fears and I am the one that could do it.  He was on his back on his bed in his room and I started to rub his chest in order to relax him and make him comfortable.  Every time that I rubbed him I would make sure that he lowered his defenses.

I leaned over and kissed his face with my soft lips and whispered to him, “Step mommy Tawny is here to make you feel good, just the way a step mommy should.” He would wait until I was finished saying it to him and he would repeat it as well.  Then I would whisper in his ear another suggestion, ” Step mommy Tawny is so very horny and only your dick will satisfy my cunt quick.”

He repeated that as well and I looked down to his crotch and I saw the imprint of his dick poking through his thin sweatpants.  His dick would twitch and move as if it was doing a dance.  And when I just could not take it any longer, I took my hand and slid it inside his undies and I was welcomed – or at least my hand was welcomed – to a very different cock.  It felt warm and it was more hard than ever and I started rubbing my hands down there and it was a matter of seconds when my stepson came.

He was so ashamed and embarrassed and I told him that as his abdl mommy my job is to take care of him and a part of that taking care of is putting my hands in very special place. He engaged in abdl chat with me as I told him what abdl chat is. It was at that point that he started to get so aroused and I wondered what other hypnotic suggestion I could give him and the suggestion of eating my pussy as if it was a warm meal sounded so very appealing.

And that is exactly what I did.  I straddled his face on his bed in his room while he was hypnotized and told him the following must be repeated.  “I am eating Step mommy Tawny’s cunt… and as he ate the tried his best to repeat the phrase but it is kind of hard when there is a juicy and delicious pussy directly on his face.  The more he struggled to get free for but a quick moment. His face was the target, the place of peace for me. And I would rise up and down on his face to tease him with my pussy and have the contents glide down his esophagus.  He drank me up like a soda pop on a very sunny day and I enjoyed every single bit of his mouth taking all of me inside of him.



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