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November 27, 2022
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Eric Has Some Diaper Fun With Mommy Amanda! (part 2)
November 30, 2022

diaper-sex-cumming-funEric Has Some Diaper Fun With Mommy Amanda! (part 1): Eric leaned back against the headboard, watching his lovely wife Amanda waddle just a bit towards him. They hadn’t used their diapers yet, but having four on at the same time makes it a little difficult to get those thighs close together.She still made it look sexy, though, with her silky nightie sliding against her diapers and not nearly long enough to cover them, which Eric didn’t mind a bit. Her tits bounced lightly underneath, her nipples hard and pressing outward, making his mouth water as he thought of sucking on them while she told him what a good boy he was. Amanda crawled sensually onto the bed, her diapers crinkling as she moved to straddle his lap.
He couldn’t look away as she pressed her diapers against him, watching how they flattened and slid against each other as she rocked her hips back and forth. Eric dragged his hands up her body, from her thighs on up, pushing her nightie up as he went until he pulled it off over her head. He reached down to grab her diaper-covered bottom with both hands to pull her tighter against him, then leaned over to suck her thick pink nipples into his mouth. Amanda pulled her fingers through his hair, telling him what a good boy he was for wanting to make mommy feel so good (he had been so nervous when he told her about his abdl fetish, now so damn happy that he did), and it made him squirm in his diaper even more.
She slid her hands down to his diaper, pinching and playing with his nipples, dragging her nails against his skin with enough pressure to make it tingle and get his cock even harder. Amanda pressed one hand against the front of his diapers and giggled at what she felt there.
“Lookie, lookie, someone is a little excited. Are you excited for mommy, silly baby?” Her hand was a firm pressure against his cock, sliding up and down as he started to rock his hips. “Is it the diapers that got you so excited?” He began to pant and moan when her hips got into the action, dragging her diapers against him, Amanda’s nipple popping out of his mouth. She leaned forward, her breath hot against his skin as she whispered into his ear. “Or is it what you know I want you to do in your diapers for me?”
Eric closed his eyes in humiliation, excited and embarrassed, his body on fire as he tried to deny what Amanda said. “No, no, I… I don’t want to do that, Amanda, please… He was cut off when she put one hand over his mouth. “Naughty baby, that’s not what you should call me, now is it? What do you call me?” Her hand moved to his cheek; her other hand was on his diaper, not helping him stay calm at all. He stared into her eyes and couldn’t say anything but ‘Mommy,’ his voice so low he couldn’t hear himself respond.
“Good boy! Such a good baby, yes, you are… “Good babies deserve rewards when they do as they’re told.” She pressed the whole front of her body against him; her tits pressed against him. “You will get your reward as soon as you do one more thing for Mommy.” He could feel her lips brushing against his ear as she whispered what he was waiting for and scared of. He shouldn’t want this, he knows that, but it doesn’t stop how horribly excited he is as she whispers, “Use your diaper like a good baby. Fill it up, wet it, and let me feel it warm against my hand!”
Just what do you think Eric is going to do? Read here for the next part and call me for your abdl roleplay fun! Click Here

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