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Eric Has Some Diaper Fun With Mommy Amanda! (part 1)
November 28, 2022
Spanked, Plugged and Pegged
December 4, 2022


Eric Has Some Diaper Fun With Mommy Amanda! (part 2): (first part) “Use your diaper like a good baby. Fill it up, wet it, and let me feel it warm against my hand!” Mommy Amanda whispered in Eric’s ear, and with a low whimper, he did what she told him to do. Babies should do what mommy wants them to do (he knows that, yes, yes, but he shouldn’t want to do what he was just told to do, but he does), and whatever part of him wasn’t already flush with excitement turned red from embarrassment as he let his bladder go. He felt his diaper grow warm and heavier on his skin.

Amanda murmured a low ‘good boy’ as her fingers squeezed his now wet diaper, pressing against his peepee through it, and he couldn’t do a thing to hold back his little moan or stop his hips from squirming.

Amanda let out a throaty chuckle as she slid both hands up his body, curling around the back of his head to pull him down to her tits. “Go ahead and keep nursing like you should, dear. You’ve wet your diaper like a good baby, and you’re doing so well!” She drew her hips against him tighter, rocking her crinkly diaper against his hard ones, and they did that for a few minutes, squirming and sliding against each other. It felt so good, so great, and Eric was about to make cummies in his diaper, and he kept rocking, and it felt so good… then Amanda stopped. Her diaper pressed firmly against his, his pee aching and throbbing from the need to cum, and she just smiled and laughed as he started to plead for her to keep going.

“I will, I absolutely will. Dear, don’t you worry about that! But you are going to make three messes in that diaper, and it’s time for you to make the second mess,” she said, smirking at him. “Not a cummy mess, no, you know that one I’m talking about.” Eric shook his head in denial, as much as he could, with her nipple still in his mouth, but she gripped his hair to pull his head back. “You know what I want you to do. You know what you want to do. Fill that diaper up; make a stinky mess!” And with a loud cry, Eric did just that, pushing his nasty poop out and into his diaper, feeling it spread out against his bottom, between his legs, and up to cover his balls. He had no idea he was about to leave before he was; he didn’t have the slightest chance to ask for permission. His body jerked underneath Amanda, his toes and fingers curling, and he made noises that he had no idea he could make.

He slid down the headrest to lie on his back; it was too loose to even think about holding himself up. Amanda moved with him, adjusting until his head was in her lap, and he fell asleep with the feel of her fingers running through his hair.

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