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“Sweetie, sugar pie, my favorite nephew, I’ve got the best news for you!” Michael looked up from his book to see his Aunt Brenda walk into the living room with a bounce in her step and a smile from ear to ear. He tensed up, something in her expression telling him that he probably wasn’t going to like whatever she was about to tell him.  She didn’t wait for him to ask what she meant, so thrilled that she just kept steamrolling forward. “I found out today that our neighbor’s oldest girl, Vicky, you know, the senior in high school, is taking a few babysitting jobs to get a little money in her pocket. I asked her if she would be able to watch you for me, and not only did she say yes, but she’s coming over in just a few minutes,” Aunt Brenda said with a little clap. Michael was mostly confused by this, but that was quickly getting overrun with horror. “But… but I’m not a baby, not anymore, I don’t need a babysitter! I thought you had stopped all that abdl hypnosis stuff!”

Aunt Brenda just laughed at him. “It never stopped, dear, I simply wasn’t using it. That lovely trigger phrase still works fine, I’m sure,” she said with a wicked grin. “Let’s find out! ‘Brenda says’… that you have to crawl like baby.” Michael couldn’t do a thing to stop himself as he slid off the couch onto the floor on his hands and knees. “I told Vicky that I had a baby for her to watch, and that’s exactly what she will see when she gets here.” The instructions came quick then, always started with ‘Brenda says…’ and before long he was begging for his warm baba of milk, with random bursts of baby talk popping up. She laid him out flat to put him back in proper diapers, naked with his legs up in the air when his pretty neighbor walked up to the back of the couch and giggled at the sight of him. “You were certainly right about having a baby that needed taking care of, ma’am. Such a cutie can’t be any trouble,” Vicky said with a smirk.

Michael was horrified, he covered his face with his hands, his cheeks burning with embarrassment. She was supposed to be babysitting him tonight?! Feeding him, changing his diaper, putting him to bed? This was turning out to be the worst night of his life, and to think he thought this was bad before, when the only one that ever saw him was Aunt Brenda! He would never live this down! Aunt Brenda leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek. “Now, you be good tonight, dear. Vicky knows just what she has to say to keep you in line, so you better watch your manners!” With that last bit of advice she waltzed out the door, giggling as she went. Does this sound like something you would like to roleplay? Go ahead and call me for some abdl mommy fun time and pop in for some abdl chat anytime!

Aunt Brenda


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