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Freaky foot love for mommy

Foot Fetish The Most Stunning Foot Fetish Sex

Every once in a while, I want to be pampered. I want to have a facial, full body massage and an extra long foot massage. I need to feel hard, sweet pressure on my feet – especially in the arches where I take on the literal weight of the day. I scrub my feet with a good pumice stone so that any dead skin flakes off of my pretty, soft feet. Then, I warm lotion so that it can be hot and sticky on my feet like cum. I start to massage the warmed lotion on my feet and imagine that a big, hard cock just exploded all over my feet. I rub it in and pretend that I just had that cock in my arches. With my feet nice and slippery, I slide my rose quartz dildo in between my slippery feet and immediately feel pleasure. I love having a hard cock in slide in between my soft, pretty feet. It makes me feel like such a slut.



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