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December 26, 2022
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December 31, 2022




That diaper mommy put on you is meant to be used and filled. So, don’t hold it in; just relax and let it flow. No need to feel embarrassed; that’s what babies do. Eat, sleep, and potty. And mommy is here to change you, clean you, and re-diaper you.

Mommy likes to watch that diaper get fatter and saggier as it gets fuller and fuller. So, be a good adult baby, and fill your diaper up for mommy. Squat and push; make a stink. Mommy enjoys changing those poopy diapers. And mommy can definitely find you—just sniff the air and follow the smell.

All mommy has to do is glance in your direction and tell how wet you are just by the droopiness of your diaper. And watching as that diaper darkens, the fuller it gets. Diapers are for all your little and big messes. No big potty is needed for you anymore.

Your diaper is your toilet; you never have to worry about not making it to the bathroom in time. Just use it as you play with your toys or when you’re snuggled in mommy’s lap watching cartoons. Diapers can be used anywhere and everywhere.

And the best part for mommy is when that diaper is so squishy, she can poke it or squeeze it, and it stays dented. Not to mention how much mommy enjoys it when she lays you down to change that dirty diaper. That wet diaper is so heavy with all that pee.

Mommy holds you by the ankles and lifts your butt up so she can clean you all up. Mommy takes a cool, crisp baby wipe to those cheeks and in between them. Then mommy lays you back flat and spreads your legs so she can wipe you all clean.

Rub the baby wipe all over, getting in every crevice to make sure all the pee gets wiped off. Before mommy puts a new diaper on you, fill up all over again for mommy. And mommy has plenty of diapers, so don’t worry about any of that; go as much as you need.

Fill that diaper to bursting. The soggier, the better. That means mommy gets to change your diaper again, too. And you know how much Mommy loves that. Mommy will have you running around in just your diaper, so mommy can see that diaper as it gets thicker.

Don’t you want to be an abdl diaper wearer and have mommy change you when needed? You can be mommy’s sweet little one, waddling around in a diaper, using it, and playing in it. And mommy can enjoy watching that diaper as it goes from nice and snug to thick and soggy.

Come crawl into Mommy Candy’s lap and let mom bounce you on her knee as you pee. We will both feel the warmth spreading through your diaper. And mommy will smile as she hears you sigh with relief.

Mommy is just a phone call away; call and set up a private session anytime, night or day.

Mommy Candy



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