Sissy Faggots Are So Much Fun
October 9, 2022
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Amanda’s Neighbor is now Her Baby Boy!!
October 10, 2022



Fuck Me, Daddy!: Please, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl for you. I love to get on my knees and suck your cock, getting it nice and wet with my spit and slobber as you choke on that big dick. It’s so thick that it makes me gag and choke as you fuck my face and throat. I just love it, Daddy!

I just love when you get out the handcuffs and toys; my little pussy gets so excited and soaked just from the thought of what you will do to me. And I will do anything Daddy wants with no hesitation on my part, or else Daddy gets to punish me.

Yes, Daddy is my answer to all of Daddy’s commands. And if I’m a really good girl and do as I’m told, then Daddy will strip me naked and fuck me so hard. Daddy loves to hear my whimpers, moans, and screams as he takes me over and over.

The best feeling is when Daddy finally comes home. Then I know I did a good job and was a very good girl for daddy. And I am always available for Daddy to use to get off. No matter where or when Daddy wants me, I obey. Daddy keeps my heart drenched in anticipation and excitement.

When Daddy tells me to be his dirty girl and bend over to get fucked against the trunk of the car right there in the parking lot or on the side of the road, I eagerly do so. I don’t care who sees, and neither does daddy. When Daddy needs release, he needs it now!

When Daddy snaps his fingers, I am quick to jump into service. There’s nothing more I love than my dad. And I want to make Daddy happy any way I can. I am daddy’s favorite little fuck toy. I am for daddy’s amusement. I am my dad’s sex slave, and he makes sure I remember that.

I won’t ever forget who I belong to. I am my father’s. I will always be daddy’s little girl. Daddy’s naughty little girl forever I am at Daddy’s beck and call, and he knows he owns me. Daddy can do anything he wants to me, and he does. If Daddy needs to relieve himself, he can use my pretty little mouth.

When Daddy pees in my mouth, filling it with his warm, salty urine, my pussycat throbs. And I swallow every drop, licking my lips clean and then licking Daddy’s piss hole of any remaining dribbles. I am here for daddy’s every wish and whim. And I love every second of it.

Would you like to be my daddy and use me for your sexual gratification, too? If so, then call me and make me do as you say. No need to worry if it’s okay to treat me like an object; just take control and own me. Make me your good little girl, and do anything you want to me.

Please, daddy, let me be yours! Click Here

Abdl Stacey


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