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Teaching an ABDL to Potty
January 13, 2020
Sexy Nude Woman Covering Her Breasts With Hand
What Kind Of Kink Do You Like?
January 19, 2020

Danny leaned back against his Mommy and didn’t even bother to hold back a moan as he did. Her hand around his hard dick felt too good, and watching his sissy playing with her pussy in front of him. She was laying back on her bed, her thighs spread apart so far that her pussy lips were parted, showing him how wet she was as she finger fucked herself. He knew he shouldn’t have such a strong incest kink, shouldn’t like what they were doing, what he was watching, but he couldn’t help it! He thought he was going to get in trouble when Mommy caught him peaking in at sissy through the crack in the door, but instead she started to tease him, pushing him into the room to tell what he was doing. At first the humiliation had him blushing and ready to run, but when they both started to play all he could was watch and get excited.  He was going to cum if Mommy kept playing with him like this! Click here to read what happens next and call me for some kinky phone sex!



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