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April 12, 2021
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April 15, 2021


I really do enjoy a lot of the calls that I get and I must admit that there is something special and unique about the scat phone sex calls that I get.  Another word for scat is Coprophilia and some even refer to it is scatophilia as well and it is an art form that has been around for a very long time – it goes all the way back to Ancient Greek history.

There are a lot of fancy white coats that would try to paint scatophilia in a negative light.  Some may refer to it as a mental illness or a sexual dysfunction, but it is neither of these things.  Always remember that when you are in a society, whatever the majority of that particular society does will be considered normal and whatever the minority of that society does will be considered weird, unnatural, or a dysfunction.

For example, if it was considered the norm to munch on roaches in a society no one would have an issue with is because the majority of that society would believe that eating roaches was a sort of delicacy.  Now, another society looking in at that society, which has a majority that eats lobsters, may look down on and label that particular society as barbaric, low class, educationally inept or dysfunctional.  So, it all depends on the majority in most cases as they are the ones that make up the rules.  This is why you have the great pleasure of engaging in scat role-play phone sex where there are NO RULES!

Whatever your heart’s desire, not to worry about the powers that be – you can enjoy scat play with complete freedom and anonymity.  Scat play is for the very discerning of clients because it is an art form that requires you to inhale, ingest and play with your subject – which is basically shit.  We all have to take a shit – some of us who are lucky take a shit more than once a day and those who are not so lucky and are impacted with fecal matter tend to go once a week or so.

No matter what, scat play can work for both individuals.  When I am participating in scat abdl roleplay – it is very important for me to know what your personally set limitations are.  I enjoy the shit out of scat play and of course I want you to be able to do the same as well.

Some may want to take a huge shit in their diaper and sit around in it all day because it feels like mushy apple sauce on their asses, while others want to take off that diaper and lick and eat the shit until it is all gone.  Others, that I have had the wonderful pleasure to speak with – enjoy shit facials.  That is simply shitting on the floor or in the palm of their hands and then rubbing the contents of the shit all over their faces once they have shitted everything out.

For others, it is all about the smell.  If you want a sweeter smelling shit for when you plan to engage in scat play – it is advised that you limit your red meat intake, drink more water and increase the percentage of the fruits and vegetables that you eat. If you want the smelliest shit ever, then I would advise you to go a few days without showering and increase the amount of meat that you eat.

Whatever works for your shit kink is all that matters.  Keep an open mind and decide for yourself what makes you sexually turned on when it comes down to scat play.  Or, you can get all dressed up along with your mate and dinner can literally be on you! Maybe your partner may have the pleasure of shitting in your face while you are on the floor and your mouth can be his/her human toilet.  Don’t knock it til you try it – scat play is one of my favorite sexual kinks and I cannot wait to explore it more with you.

Wanna try it out? Then give me a call right away and let’s have a shitload of fun – with scat play.



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