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August 1, 2021
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Adult baby wearing diapers and pajamas

Jamie picked up his wooden blocks and started smacking them together, happily giggling at the noise. He did that a few times, then stretched his arms up a bit to put them on top of the block tower that he was building. It started to wobble, and he held his hands up in the air (as if that was going to help!) but the blocks started to tumble down, scattering across his lap and the carpet. This just made him giggle even harder and clap his hands in excitement! A few low chuckles came from across the room, and he looked over with a smile at his Auntie Brenda and her friend Jessica. They were smiling at him, and he got such a thrill out of it that he tipped himself back with a happy noise, legs up in the air as he reached for his toes. Auntie laughed out loud at that and told Jessica that she was glad that everything had turned out so well.

“It was a little risky, as far as it might not take, hypnosis is so iffy, but look at him,” she said, smiling still, “he giggles all the time, he has to be the happiest baby I’ve ever seen, big or little! Age regression is the best thing I could have done for him, whether he was thrilled about it in the beginning or not. He was so stressed all the time and getting all those adult thoughts out of his mind was absolutely necessary.” Jessica nodded and agreed. “He certainly smiles more now, that’s for sure. He’s more relaxed now than I’ve ever seen him, hell, than I’ve seen from most people. Maybe more of us need some abdl age regression!”

Auntie Brenda smiled at that. “Maybe so. Can’t be everybody, though, the babies will somebody to look out for them. Besides, watching over Jamie like this gives me more satisfaction than having him as a boyfriend. He’s happier, I’m happier, he’s a baby, I’m his auntie, it’s all good! A little age regression goes a long way, doesn’t it This silly thing hear makes giving up control look good!”  They kept on talking, but at that point Jamie lost interest and started playing with his rattle, sucking away on his paci. He didn’t need to pay attention to what they were talking about, adult thoughts and silly things like that. He was a baby, with baby thoughts, and all he had to worry about was baby things. He wanted his baba, his paci, and his favorite stuffie lamb to cuddle with when it was time to sleep. He wanted innocent kisses and cuddles with his Auntie, and diaper changes that made him giggle. He wanted raspberries on his belly, and nibbles on his toesy woesies! He would always be Auntie’s baby, baby thoughts and baby talk and baby waddle. He wanted spankings across his diapered bottom whenever he was a being a naughty baby, to remind him to behave himself! Does that sound like the fun you need? Call me for some forced age regression phone sex!

Aunt Brenda


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