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Spooky Costumed Femdom Stepmom
November 1, 2020
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Potty Training Humiliation!
November 1, 2020

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Harry spoke with his mommy over the phone and was so infatuated with her that he decided that he was going to surprise her and show up unannounced at her house after Googling her address, even though his Mommy told him that he was strictly forbidden from doing so but he did not listen. He rang her doorbell and when she opened it he let her know who he was and she smiled and welcomed him in.  He explained to her that he took an international flight to arrive at her destination as he lived overseas.  He just knew when he spoke with her for the first time that she was the one that he wanted to submit to for the rest of his life. Mommy Scarlet told him to follow her upstairs where there was a warm bubble bath ready and waiting and she told him to get inside of it and he took all of his clothes off and slipped into the bath.  He felt as though he was in paradise, he could not believe that he took a chance to meet his Mommy and he did not get into trouble, he ended up what he felt like was a reward. “Here is a glass of red wine and some exotic fruits and cheeses” is what Mommy Scarlet said to him and he thanked her then he nibbled on the cheese and guzzled down the wine.  After a few minutes he felt a bit fatigued and dizzy and his Mommy advised him that he should probably leave the bath so she helped him out and walked him to her bedroom.  As soon as he arrived in her bedroom his legs appeared to buckle under him and give out and he then  collapsed on the bed.  “What did you give me to drink, Mommy Scarlet?” Asked Harry and with a smile Mommy Scarlet stated that it was a mild sedative with a mix of a paralytic so you will be so relaxed yet you will be unable to move. This is so perfect for this very special day as it is Halloween and you are the surprise that showed up at my door symbolically for either a trick or a treat. He tried to talk more and shake his head to say no but the medication had appeared to render him helpless.  Now that he was laying vulnerable and total naked on Mommy’s bed, he lost the ability to hold his urine and his fecal matter so he just started involuntarily urinating and defecating.  He tried to stop it but he couldn’t.  Then Mommy Scarlet opened his mouth and with a spoon started feeding him his own shit.  He tried to protest, at least with his eyes and that did not work at all.  The with his mouth full of shit, Mommy Scarlet put duct tape on his mouth in order for none of the brown showers to leak out and to make sure that he was guaranteed to swallow it.  Then Mommy Scarlet lit a candle and started dropping the hot wax from the candle unto his clitty cock and tight balls.  Tears fell down his eyes as he was in so much pain and he could not move or push Mommy away.  It took a matter of minutes before both his tiny cock and his balls looked beet red like they were beaten  for hours with a belt.  Afterwards Mommy turned him over and inserted a brush inside of Harry’s asshole and she left it in there.  After a few minutes Harry’s was being tortured as the inside of his rectum was being brushed with prickly brush bristles. Harry’s ass tore with the brush ass fucking and very soon there were tiny droplets of blood on the sheets.  “You are my forever slave now and I will make sure that you are tortured daily.  You looked me up, then decided to show up at my home,  unannounced  and  that means that you are never leaving this house – I will make sure of it – Happy Halloween Motherfucker” is what Mommy Scarlet said.



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