December 11, 2007
Is there a Daddy or Playmate for me?
January 16, 2008

  I have to tell you what a fun day I had today.  I went to lunch with some new girl friends of mine today and there was a table of older gentlemen a couple of seats over.  They kept looking at us and we, like the older women that we are, giggled like little school girls!  You know, and you young folks will realize this when you get older, the older you are, the more you blush when someone leers at you lol.  These men were clearly trying to get the nerve up to come over and speak to us.  By the time one of them did I swear I was 12 years older and on oxygen.  It turns out that they were looking for some fun time.  Now, I am way over the age for one night stands, or sits since I am old lol, but I actually thought of doing it.  That’s right, your granny almost had a one night stand.  But I’m glad I didn’t, only because I would rather play with abies then old men.  Older men are fun, but OLD just ain’t this grannies style lol.

Hot Granny,


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