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Punishment Phone Sex
November 7, 2016
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Teen Phone Sex
November 15, 2016

Sissy Phone Sex

Look at mommy’s ABDL Stacey helping with the laundry. You even have your sparkly pink maid dress on! What a sweet helper. Keeping the clothes all nice and clean Oh my you are even ironing! I think someone has a full stinky diaper though because my house is spotless but there’s still a foul smell brewing! Phew! Off to the changing table you go! Now up on the table you go stinky butt! Mommy’s gonna get your little sissy diaper butt all clean and smelling fresh! No more stinky!  Lift those legs for mommy! What a good little helper! Mommy just loves you so! This wipe is cold ok sweetie but it will be quick and easy like always… SEE!! No problem, now a little powder and new diaper and you’re all set to go have more fun being mommy’s little sissy helper! Maybe you can help organize mommy’s ABDL Stacey by color?! I know you’d just love that wouldn’t you sissy slut!



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