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mommies favorite son
November 26, 2020
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Forced Into Diapers By Stepmom Tawny
November 29, 2020

Aww baby! Look at you looking all strapping and handsome just like your daddy was! Aw.. Are you blushing because of me? You say that you aren’t blushing? Well now I can see that rosy red blush on those cheeks of your from all of the way over here, so you don’t expect me to believe that, now do you? I have been just watching the time go by waiting for you to finally come into town on break from university… It seems like it has been forever since I last got to see you. You look like you have grown a whole foot since then, and your face… Is that stubble I see there on your cheeks and your chin? Goodness.. You make your poor sweet mommy feel like I am getting old or something. If you are, I must be after all. Aw.. A hug is just what I needed from you… You are just such a sweetheart… I feel so much better when you hold me like this. Honey.. Your hands are running a little low there, don’t you think? Well.. no I don’t mind I just wasn’t sure how you felt… Yes, I know that you’re an adult and it doesn’t matter what anyone else has to say about it.. I just– Yes, this is a new dress. I can’t believe you would even notice. Oh my.. Do you really feel that way about it? Well now it looks like I am the one with rosy blushing cheeks… I can feel my face getting hot. Oh gosh.. What are you– Oh that feels good. Mm.. Keep kissing me there… Yeah… Mm… So earlier when I was getting your dirty laundry… That tab on your computer that said “mom sex”… That was about me? Oh baby… If I had known you felt that way.. My pussy is so wet.. Well I never thought– I mean, the boys on the street call me a MILF and when I looked that up online, I couldn’t help but get flattered at the thought of those tight young men stroking their hard cocks to images of me. My tits? Yeah baby suck your hot mom‘s nice big bouncy titties. This is what you dream about isn’t it? You and all your dirty little friends, you just want to– oh yeah honey that’s the spot… I’m so wet for you.. Slide your finger inside me nice and slow. I guess I forgot to wear panties today. On purpose? Mmm.. I would never… But I have to say, if you keep rubbing my clit like that I– Oh… God… That feels so fucking good baby. Keep rubbing so gentle for mommy. Let me stroke that hard cock… Mmm dripping pre cum for me already… Let me wrap my fingers around it and guide it into my dripping pussy.

Mommy Candy
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