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August 13, 2022
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August 14, 2022



I Just Love Feet: When mommy rubs her pretty painted toes and feet across my diapered crotch, it makes my little pussy swell and dampen. Quiet moans escape my parted lips as I grind myself against her delicate feet. Mommy gets me all excited and turned on.

Sometimes mommy teases me and leaves me begging for release. Just to get me all worked up for her boyfriend to come in and fuck my wet pussy with his toes. His feet are so much bigger than mommy’s, and his toes feel so good pushing into me that I squirt right away.

I gasp and lean back, opening myself up for more. I need so much more, and they know it. I start to whimper and thrash. Soon I feel toes wiggling against my openings. Both my pussy and my ass are being stretched and filled, and I can’t get enough.

There’s just something about feet that gets me so aroused. I love the way they feel against my skin and how they make my pussyfoot throb with desire and anticipation. Whether rubbing against my abdl diaper or my cunt, the feeling is so intense that I cunt constantly.

My favorite is sucking my pussyjuice off those sexy toes. I taste myself as I swirl my tongue all around, sliding it between the toes. Then wrapping my lips tightly around your big toe and sucking so hard that my cheeks cave in.

I close my eyes and savor the sensation. A sudden warm wetness makes me open my eyes, and I look up to see you jerking your cock and covering my trembling body with sticky cum. And then mommy’s pussy is hovering over my face, and I stick my tongue out to taste her delicious twat.

Soon I’ll be covered in creamy jam. My hands slowly slide over my cumulus-saturated body, rubbing it into my skin. I get so turned on by being a good little diaper girl for mommy and her friends. Having a foot fetish and being an ABD can be so much fun.

I love diapers just as much as I love feet. I love being used and played with. Make me your dirty little slut and take me over and over. Use all of me for your pleasure; make me your whore. Mommy please!

Fetish roleplay can be so sexual and sensual all at the same time. You can escape reality and enjoy yourself. And I definitely enjoy myself tremendously. I love it all and want it all. I am a naughty diaper lover and a very good girl.

Would you like to use me? To play with me To enjoy any and all fetishes with me? Would you enjoy making me your little diaper slut and fucking me any time you want? If so, then don’t hesitate any longer and give me a call so we can get wild and kinky.

I like everything, and I will do as I’m told, like a good girl. All you have to do is call. Click Here

Diaper Girl Stacey


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