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As a diaper girl, I just love being a good baby for mommy and doing as she wants.  Mommy is always prepared for every situation, even those few times I misbehave.  A bit of abdl bdsm reminds me my place and how a good baby girl should act.  And truth be told, I enjoy when mommy ties me up and disciplines me mmmm.

Baby Stacey is my name and being an adult baby is my claim… to fame lol.  I love diapers and everything about them.  Mommy takes such good care of me and with diaper therapy, I enjoy and use my diapers like a good little girl.  I just love the crinkle of the diaper when I crawl around my nursery, it makes me smile so big.

Mommy says a good adult baby uses their diaper for everything, from peepee to poopoo to sticky goo.  Mommy loves squeezing my squishy diaper and rubbing it against me til she makes me squirt.  And mommy has so many neat toys to use on me.  Mommy knows how to make me melt into a very wet puddle of stickiness.

I like being a good diaper girl and I love making messes in my diaper.  Sitting in my soggy diaper feels so good when I start to rock back and forth, that soon I’m filling it up even more.  Mommy knows what her little girl is doing when she hears the breathy gasps and muffled moans coming from the play room.

Would you come play with me and change my diaper when needed?  We could have a play date and rub our warm full diapers against each other until we explode, then take turns changing each other’s creamy diapers.  That would be so much fun!

With abdl roleplay, we can use our imaginations and the fun never ends.  Oohh we can even play mommy and daddy and you can put your peepee inside me.  Mmmm makes me squirm thinking about it.  I can’t wait to play.

And I like it all, so we can try and do anything and everything.  Make Baby Stacey squeal in ecstasy over and over.  And I’ll make you never want to leave my nursery.  You can hide in my closet and sneak into my crib at night.  We can be naughty little abies.

And if mommy catches us, she will punish us.  She will spank our little bottoms, and make us stand in the corner with our noses against the wall.  And then she will torture us with sexual stimulation until we are obedient little diaper babies once again.  Teasing us mercilessly.

If I’m a good girl, mommy will let me help tease and play with you.  That’s one of my most favorite things to do.  I just love watching that little peepee get bigger and harder and when it starts to drip, it makes my mouth water.  I wanna lean forward and flick my tongue over your glistening slit and taste you.

Would you like to play with me?

Baby Stacey


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