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Sweet Mommy For A Sweet Baby!
July 20, 2020
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Splish Splash – ABDLs in the Bath
July 26, 2020


I have you blindfolded, bound and tied for a reason… and it is so you can’t move.  What I am about to do to you will require lots of patience and a bit of pain. But this is what has to happen in order for me to provide you with much needed nutrients in the form of liquid protein.  Though you are obedient to ABDL Stacey Scarlet most of the time, I need to get you to the part where you plunge straight into the pool with my commands without any doubt or questions.  Today, you are going to be milked.  Mommy Scarlet is going to take your little itty bitty clitty cock and I will milk it so you can drink it.  As you are tied, you feel me near and you feel my warm hands grabbing you by the balls ever so gently then I stroke my nails up and down your sac and gently squeeze them.  They feel so tight and heavy and full in my hands and that is good and it is expected.  You have not masturbated in a month as per my request as I wanted to make sure that your balls were really full for this moment.  I get some lotion from the dresser and rub it in my hand until it becomes nice and warm and I make sure that I massage your balls and your clitty cock at the same time.  Your balls are engorged and your puny penis starts to grow and I take my bare hand and spank it!  NO GROWTH WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! You force yourself to shrink back down and I spank you there until your little dick submits. I take a rubber band now and I tie it around the tip of your shrunken sausage and I walk away but for a moment to retrieve a cup.  This cup will give you life as it will be filled with all of the liquid protein that you will need to be nourished.  I re-grab your clitty cock and I direct it towards the cup as you are inadvertently leaking a lot of pre-cum and I know it is just a matter of time until you explode.  I tell you that it is time to do the milking so I remove the rubber band and start jerking it with full long strokes.  It stretches and grows then it is now at it’s peak of explosion, then I tell you to cum and I hold the cup directly below until you fill up a good amount of the cup.  You howled and screamed as you came and your body became limp. I then tell you that you are going to cum again. You protest and beg but I insist.  Then I grab it a second time and I put my middle finger from my other hand into your ass to finger fuck you and point downwards as I stroke your prostate. There goes that hard little tiny dick again getting itself all filled up with cum and as you moan and groan in ecstatic pleasure I ram my finger in deeper to my knuckles and you shoot you load yet again into the cup.  You are drained, your eyes are bloodshot, your body is sweaty and your penis is sore but I insist that there will be another milking.  I then get a butt plug and stuff your asshole with it and leave it in there. Then I take a vibrating cock ring which was specifically designed for little cocks and I place it on your pee wand then as I turn up the speed your temporarily dead cock comes back to life.  I need you to shoot your cum out one last time into this cup, my little ABDL Stacey and you will do as I say. With tears pouring down your eyes and drool from your mouth you shoot your cum one last time directly into my cup.  I shake it off then put the cup to your mouth, tilt your head back and make you drink all of your own dick’s milk.  You are such an obedient little ABDL Stacey and I am so well pleased.



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