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Brenda’s Baby Bartholomew
March 20, 2021
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ABDL Room 605
March 22, 2021

shit play

Jay and I have been talking for a while about all of the kinky fantasies that he wanted us to try out together and the arousal has been building up for a long time now. He knows that when we play it is limitless and as his abdl mommy we can do whatever I say we can do. He was just getting over a divorce when he came to me, we initially met on the phone sex line and we dabbled in abdl chat to get to know one another better.  He was new to the world of abdl and he wanted the work up the courage to explore everything that he could and that is when I told him that abdl hypnosis will be a great way to start.

Before we delved into a deep state of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) I started him off with something that was not too heavy, but it was rather light.  I would use a series of suggestive phrases to see how he would respond. Having the room enclosed with black out shades and the ticking sound of a wall clock, I had him focus on the tick and the tock and tell him to relax with each tick and tock sound.  I had him starting to feel lighter, so light that if he were not careful he would float into the air so I made him round himself like he was a tree and his branches were blown ever so slightly in the wind.

I told him also under suggestion that his bladder is getting very heavy and very full and he must do his very best to hold his pee and his bowels until it was a good time to release.  I also said to him that he is reverting back in years to the age of a toddler and he started drooling and shaking his legs as if he just tasted his favorite Candy.  “You are little Jay and you are going to get on the floor and play,” is what I said to him and he did and started crawling around.  I stopped him a few times to check his underpants and I told him that he needed to change out of his clothes because toddlers don’t dress like grownups.

He tried to take his clothes off but the complexity of it frustrated him and he started to whine and throw a temper tantrum and I told him not to worry as I will make him comfy and snug. I disrobe him and took out a pair of diapers from my diaper bag and I changed his right there on the floor.  His belly was full because his bladder was engorged with piss and I quickly powdered his cock and his balls, placed the tabs on the diaper and closed it up.  He was overjoyed as the diaper felt like a little piece of heaven.

I reminded him that he is a toddler that is not potty trained and he has a very full bladder.  It was at that point that I saw how uncomfortable he felt because he sensed that he could no longer hold it.  Then I told him to release all of the piss and the poop immediately and it was as if a rainstorm and a mudslide were released because he started leaking piss and shit from his soggy and messy diaper.

“Stick your hand in there Jay and pull me out a nice chunk of a surprise,” is what I told him and he looked at me in disbelief, but he obeyed and out came a brown snicker-like looking chunk of shit that he retrieved from his shitty diaper.  “Look at it and smell it,” is what I said next and he did.  He was sniffing it so loudly and I could see the imprint of his penis from the front of his diaper and I knew that it was turning him on.  “Now, open up your mouth and place it on your tongue and then chew it slowly but don’t spit it out, you have to swallow it, Jay. You need to do this now,” is what I said and he did.

“Now open your mouth as if I were a nurse checking that you swallowed your medication and show me your tongue,” I said to him and he did and it was such a pleasure to see the brown hint of shitty debris on his tongue and all over his teeth.  I am so proud of Jay as he enjoyed his shit my way and he was also happy as well.  Sometimes all it takes is a little motivation to eat your own shit, that’s all it takes.



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