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I just love being a ab/dl and abdl mommy more then you will ever know. I started out as a diaper changing babysitter then an adult baby diaper lover, then I moved onto being an amazing loving nursing mommy. Girls in diapers and men wearing diapers are my specialty. I love changing dirty adult diapers and making my babies wear those dirty messy poopy diapers until i tell them its ok to change. I love making them into adult baby sissy who needs to be dressed up like a pretty little girl.

How sexy, a beautiful woman, puffing on a cigarette. Taking that long deep drag, watching as the red hot flame burns. Blowing that smoke right in your face and perhaps other places as well. You like to watch as my lips wrap around the tip, your dick gets hard as you listen intently to each inhale and exhale. Feeling the warmth of my breath as I pucker my full lips and blow. Let me get you off, blow smoke rings around that hard cock! Cum listen as I fill your world with smoke!

Does my little man long to feel a little feminine? Do you wish to feel the soft silky feeling of satin rub against your stick? Be forced to dress up in ruffles and lace? To be taken advantage of by yours truly? Be feel what it is like to have your pussy fucked? Of course you do, & I want to make you into my own personal Sissy Slut! Hurry and call me Now!

Scrumptious looking isn’t it? The feel of that stiff cock between my lips as I suck hard and deep! My mouth waters at the thought of feeling you force it deep into my throat. The pressure of your hand at the back of my head, fucking my face with your large piece of meat getting ready to shot that load and watch me as I swallow every last drop of your male essence. Wax play can be extremely erotic if performed correctly. For those less experienced, baby oil or lotion should be applied before play for easy removal, being shaved is also advised if you’re not into trichotillomania, wax warmers can be used as opposed to candle drippings to control temperature. No matter your level, be assured a little pain can be intoxicating!

Surrounding the church me and my followers abruptly made way into all entrances chaining and locking the doors behind us. I made my way to the stage as people began to scream and panic. I took my whip and slashed it at the preacher tearing flesh from his face as it ripped through the air and slammed against the alter. he began screaming for his god, what god I asked where he is! You hypocrite you pretend to be holier than now, I’ll show you just how holly this man you come to hear as he spews his words of worship every week, I’ll show you all just how deceitful he is and then one by one I will expose you all for who you really are! Beginning with the women and children.

I’m so glad you called me this morning and explained your little problem. It seems that nasty couple at your gym have been making your life a living hell. They are so smug and self righteous, always talking about you, and treating you as if you are something offensive that they stepped in. He struts around the locker room, grabbing his cock and making kissing noises at you, then laughing at you when you ask him to stop. He calls you Sissy Boi and freak, loud enough for everyone in the locker room to hear. Soon, he has them joining in, and it’s like being surrounded by the High School Jock and his bully buddies all over again. His bitch wife struts around and runs her mouth about you as well. When she sees you heading for the locker room, she’ll yell out “Going to work out your throat now, little bitch?” The laughter from some of the others in the gym rings in your ears. Finally, today, you were ready to put an end to it, so you called your willing accomplice. Before they realized what happened, we had them drugged and in my car. We brought them back to my little play area, where we bound them together and waited for the sedative to wear off. Once fully awake and alert, we proceeded to explain every little thing we were going to do to them. As much as they pretended to protest, you could see his thick cock grow with excitement when I told him how his mouth and his ass were going to service us, and several friends, today. Her nipples hardened, and you could see the growing wet spot from her oozing pussy, as I told her that every one of her holes was going to be violated repeatedly. They both let out a moan of mixed fear and arousal, when I led those friends in our their leashes.

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