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Jimmy Takes a Peek of His Stepmom Amanda!

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The door to Amanda’s bedroom stood ajar when Jimmy walked across the hallway. He’d almost made it to his bedroom next door when, from the edge of his peripheral vision, he caught his stepmother, Amanda, exercising in front of the full-length mirror on the north wall. He lingered, watching her through the narrow crack as she did a little bounce, her tits jiggling in time with her movements. Years of intense exercise had left her with a pair of swollen 34DD breasts that defied gravity, with prominent and usually hard nipples. He watched her turn to look over one shoulder, checking out her bubble butt, tucked nicely inside the gray high-waist spandex shorts she was wearing. Her asscheeks were thick as she did her little bounce again, and they wobbled delightfully. Jimmy’s cock was quickly coming alive at the magnificent sight of his stepmother, hot and sweaty. It had been said in his presence once before that his stepmother was the embodiment of the tall, long-limbed Californian summer girl. And as he watched her from here, Jimmy knew that was the truth. This morning, she concluded her routine fifteen minutes after nine o’clock and entered the private bathroom within her bedroom. Jimmy cursed under his breath when he lost sight of her. However, he pushed open the bedroom door a little wider and stealthily advanced into the room. The smell of sweat hung heavy in the air, which only served to heighten the eroticism of the situation. Almost on tiptoes every step of the way, Jimmy crossed the bedroom until he was putting an eye on the door crack where Amanda was stepping into her clear glass shower stall. He couldn’t look away as she started cleaning up, with thin streams of soap gliding down her luscious body. Jimmy watched her pull the nozzle free before she closed her eyes, leaned back against one wall, and directed the spray of hot water onto her throat and down the valley between her breasts. That was when Jimmy pulled out his stiff cock and began stroking it. Amanda took the shampoo bottle from the caddy, squeezing a small amount on her palm before lathering her hair. When she raised her arms, however, Jimmy was helpless to look away from the sight of her soap-covered breasts, which were gently swaying back and forth like some hypnotic pendulum. It wasn’t long after that he came to his embarrassment, catching his jizz in the palm of his hand. He tried to tidy up once he caught his breath, checking to see if any had dripped, and there was some on the ground. He rushed to get some baby wipes and clean them up before Amanda came out. The last thing he wanted was for her to catch him with a cumin-soaked rag in his hands! Once, he was reasonably confident that anything her mind had told her was there. Jimmy quietly returned to his room, the unnerving feeling of shame and guilt settling on his conscience.

Mommy Amanda


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