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May 1, 2022
Fun With Mommy Candy
May 8, 2022


Let Mommy Help You: Mommy likes to help you with all your needs. Mommy will take care of everything for you. Mommy will take away your need to satisfy yourself. Mommy will handle all that for you from now on. There’s nothing better than a little fun between mommy and her little one.

Abdl sex with mommy will have you drained and relaxed. Mommy will clean you all up and then diaper you in a fresh new pamper before tucking you in to bed and kissing you goodnight. You will need your rest; mommy has all sorts of yummy fun in store for us.

Maybe tomorrow mommy will dabble in a little diaper bondage with her cutie. Mommy will get you all snug in your diaper, and that diaper will stay on you all day. As you play and waddle around, you will fill your diaper throughout the day. That diaper will get fuller and fuller, drooping on your bottom. All squishy and heavy with your potty messes.

Then mommy will make you explode sticky cummies in that saggy diaper over and over. By the end of the day, you will barely be able to walk with that fat diaper between your thighs. Your diaper will be so heavy and full that mommy will have to put you in the bathtub and strip you of your nasty diaper.

Now, more fun as mommy scrubs you down, paying extra attention to cleaning between those cheeks and around your balls and peepee. Mommy will wrap her soapy hand around your hardening cock and start squeezing and stroking, making you stand on your tippy toes and moan as mommy milks you.

Give mommy a call, and we can dabble in some incest chat. Mommy will tell you what she has in store for you, and soon you will be moaning for Mommy once again. Mommy likes to make you feel good, and mommy doesn’t think that you should have to do it all by yourself.

Mommy will help you achieve the ultimate toe-curling orgasm; you will have the most intense experience of your life. Mommy enjoys making you moan and groan with pleasure. It makes mommy’s pussycat gush with each and every sound that escapes your parted lips.

Mommy will baby you and then pump you dry of all your cum. Mommy has lots of toys to use on you, and you will enjoy them all over again. Remember, mommy is here for you and all your needs, and mommy loves to help you blow your load.

It makes mommy’s day when you lose all control and are at mommy’s mercy. Mommy can never get enough when it comes to making you cum. You can be mommy’s special little one that gets to enjoy all of mommy’s personal attention.

You will never have to worry about self-gratification again; mommy will always be there to help you have intense sexual fun. Mommy will take care of all your urges and needs. So, hesitate no longer, and call Mommy now! Click Here

Mommy Candy


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