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Dominant Stepmommy Forced Age Regression
November 22, 2020
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Hot Older Mom Sex
November 29, 2020


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Mommy here!!! Looking for my son to change make sure he has a clean diaper, with all the extra necessities ( lotion, baby powder, cream), And put a little extra cream on your little peepee so I can play with you while I’m changing your diaper. Have a little son mom incest, It can be our little secret no one will ever know. don’t ever tell no one if you tell anyone mommy won’t make you feel as good as I usually make you feel in the morning times, after showers, and before bed. you get a lot of special treatment a lot of little boys don’t get from there mommy, I love for me and my baby to have a real close connection where no one can come in between us not even in the future when my little boy goes searching for love, let mommy give you a bath and make sure mommy gets all that little white-hot cream stuff out of your little weewee like I always do, you know mommy loves to suck all of that creamy white stuff out of you. then lotion you down and put baby powder all between your legs, then finish touch up a beautifully designed diaper, When mommy knows your all clean and ready to be clothed I have a special surprise for you, I think you’ll look really good in some adult baby dresses don’t you think so? I love to change my baby in clothes like your a baby doll, make you look actually like one. I have slutty dresses baby dresses it’s your choice unless you let mommy choose, ill put makeup on you, either make u look really slutty or more like a submissive type with light colors. Mommy will make it worth the dress-up time baby, you’ll love the way mommy makes you look so pretty,  We can go out shopping and to the park where all your little friends are, while you’re wearing these cute little dresses, All your friends and strangers are laughing at you. I thought you deserved some ABDL humiliation before mommy takes you home and end are day, public humiliation really gets mommy horny and wet so ill be ready when we get home so you can go straight to bed afterward I can just imagine taking you home right now getting you all undressed ready for mommy, making you do dirty dirty things with me, mommy taking your diaper off and helping you work all that juicy hot creamy white stuff out for me you know that’s mommy favorite treat before bedtime, and mommy knows you really enjoy it, its quite fun to the mommy to, just the taste of it in my mouth and down my throat makes mommy so excited that she knows how to please her little boy before anyone else could even do it, knowing that mommy took your virginity it feels quite good, makes me feel like the worlds greatest mommy. mommy will always make sure her baby is straight.


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